‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2 Teaser Teases More Biblical Threats!! Check It Out!!

Netflix has a lot of popular shows returning in the second half of 2022. One of the shows finally coming back for its second season is Warrior Nun. The series, which is based on the popular comic series by Ben Dunn, left fans on a cliffhanger for the last two years. Now, as part of Netflix‘s Geeked Week, the streamer has released the first teaser for Season 2, revealing Ava’s battle will continue this winter.

The teaser catches up on the story so far with Ava (Alba Baptista) narrating the events that transpired in Season 1. How she died, came back to life with the power of a magical Halo, got superhuman abilities from that Halo, and joined The Order of the Cruciform Sword (OCS) to defend the world from demons. Ava also refers to the massive cliffhanger that Season 1 left us dangling on, which she admits she’s still trying to figure out what happened. The cliffhanger in the last episode saw Ava about to enter battle against Adriel’s army, after Adriel tried to trick Ava into thinking he was an angel earlier in the finale when in fact he was a demon who manipulated the Catholic Church for centuries.

Despite the ample amount of new footage, the teaser barely tells us anything that we didn’t already know about the continuing narrative. Ava implies that her team of warrior nuns lost the fight against Adriel featured in the cliffhanger ending. Viewers also see her continuing to accept her destiny and hone her powers for the war ahead. There are several particularly cool shots, like Ava running on water, and fight sequences that are sure to remind fans of the series’ biggest strength.

When Season 1 of the show focused on Ava fighting alongside the OCS and the pretty fascinating lore that involved religious intrigue as well as corruption, it proved to be one of the most thrilling shows Netflix had to offer. The fight scenes and visuals in particular were quite impressive.

However, the middle of the first season, like its main character, did suffer from a bit of an identity crisis. The series fought itself quite a bit not knowing if it wanted to be your typical teen drama/“chosen one” story or a biblical epic with an expansive lore that saw the characters tackle tough problematic themes surrounding the modern Catholic Church, like abuse. Thankfully, the series doubled down on the latter in the final two episodes of its freshman season. The finale, despite the cliffhanger ending making the season feel like an incomplete story, is up there with some of the best episodes Netflix has ever produced. If Season 2 can continue the series’ upward trend then Warrior Nun could be talked about right alongside the streamer’s best fantasy series like Shadow and Bone.

Fans will finally get their long-awaited answers when Warrior Nun Season 2 premieres on Netflix this winter. While we anxiously wait, you can watch the new teaser for Season 2 down below. You can also binge Warrior Nun Season 1 on Netflix right now.


via Collider

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