‘Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute’ Trailer Sees Bob Saget’s Friends Remember Him!! Check It Out!!

On January 9, 2022, the world lost one of the best and brightest comedians of our time. After performing a stand-up routine, something that the entertainer was thrilled to be getting back into, he suffered accidental blunt head trauma and passed away. The news came as a shock to everyone who was happy to see the comedian returning to the world that he loved so much. Hoping to celebrate the life of Saget, a group of his closest friends gathered together at The Comedy Store back in January and filmed a tribute performance for Netflix. A trailer for the project, titled Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute which lands on the streamer on June 10, pulls out all the stops and gives the non-traditional man a very non-traditional memorial.

Lining up for what can only be described as a memorial roast, the trailer features the likes of Jim Carrey, John Stamos, Chris Rock, Jeff Ross, Seth Green, Mike Binder, Paul Rodriguez, and Saget’s widow, Kelly Rizzo-Saget. It’s also worth noting that although he isn’t spotted in the teaser, Saget’s Full House co-star, Dave Coulier is also set to make an appearance in the special.

Weaving together jokes and personal stories, each of the memorial’s guests shares their inner looks at the life of their nearest and dearest friend. Along with the stand-up bits, it looks like we’ll also see pictures of Saget and his pals from back in the day and video interviews from performers and old friends who couldn’t make it to the filming. Held in front of a live audience, the special takes on a life of its own as the comedians expertly roast the late Saget in a funny, yet heartfelt way.

Saget had a long-running and incredibly fruitful career that spanned over forty years. Not only did he star in the hit sitcom Full House and its sequel series, Fuller House, but he stood at the helm of America’s Funniest Home Videos as its host for almost ten years. Along with his time on these family-friendly shows, he was also known for his well-thought-out stand-up routines that drew more of an adult crowd. His voice can also be heard as the grown-up narrator version of Ted Mosby on the sitcom, How I Met Your Mother.

While we’re still mourning the loss of such an icon, it’s lovely seeing Saget’s friends join together and honor the man who meant so much to so many. You can check out the full trailer for Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute below.

via Collider

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