‘La Casa de Papel’ aka ‘Money Heist’ Game Gets a Teaser!! Check It Out!!

During Netflix‘s Geeked Week celebration on Friday, the streamer unveiled a slew of new games based around some of their most popular properties that would be coming to their mobile gaming service. One such game, based in the universe of La Casa de Papel (Money Heist), received a teaser and showed off some early gameplay footage at the event, giving fans a look at a cel-shaded third-person shooter where a heist goes very wrong.

Created by the Columbian indie studio Killasoft, the La Casa de Papel game is a heavily stylized action game that puts players behind the Dali mask for a heist for the ages. At first glance, it gives off big-time Killer7 vibes thanks to its cel-shading and simplified designs. All the important characters really pop with color against the many off-white and faded backgrounds, giving it a look that stands out from the typical third-person shooter. While there will be gunplay as the heist inevitably goes live, much of the gameplay is focused on the stealthier side of things, sneaking through vents, taking out alarm systems, and knocking out guards when their backs are turned. Geoff Keighley, one of the hosts for Geeked Week, described it jokingly as “Metal Gear Papel” with strategic elements to how players will pull off the heist.

The story will be a unique one set within the universe of the show. An old friend of the Professor’s calls up a favor, roping the crew into a dangerous heist in Morocco. The mission is to infiltrate and rob the casino of a sleazy billionaire in the biggest heist ever pulled off. Anything can happen as the crew takes on this new, luxurious setting.

La Casa de Papel became an international sensation when it launched on Netflix back in 2017 and since then, it’s received a total of five seasons on the streamer. It all kicks off when the “Professor” recruits eight talented individuals to take part in the heist of the century. With their cities as their aliases, the crew aims to pull off a heist at the Royal Mint of Spain, a task easier said than done as the cooperation needed, and the danger present, are sky-high. The series continuously follows Professor and his ever-changing crew as they take on more daring missions filled with twists and turns, emotional storytelling, and characters audiences came to love.

The series officially concluded back in December 2021, but this new game serves as another re-entry point into the La Casa de Papel universe. Netflix has been eager to capitalize on the success of the Spanish series, with a spin-off based around the fan-favorite Berlin (Pedro Alonso) that takes place after the events of the series. There’s also the Korean remake of the series Money Heist: Korea which offers a new spin on the concept and premieres later this month.

The La Casa de Papel game is one of many Netflix games unveiled during Geeked Week. While there’s no release date yet, it is expected out relatively soon. Check out the teaser for the game down below.


via Collider

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