‘Masters of the Universe: Revolution’: Netflix Announces New Animated He-Man Series!!

Netflix and Mattel Television have officially confirmed a brand-new animated series called Masters of the Universe: Revolution, the next chapter in the never-ending battle between He-Man and Skeletor.The announcement was made during Netflix‘s Geeked Week 2022, with a short clip featuring the new poster for the show. The series is set to bring an all-new story to the world of Eternia as the battle between He-Man and Skeletor reaches new heights. This series will bring a focus to the battle between these two iconic characters like it has never been seen before, all, while new threats are introduced in this mythic battle between He-Man and the heroic warriors and the forces of Skeletor.

Masters of the Universe: Revolution is set to be a follow-up to fellow Netflix series Masters of the Universe: Revelations that ran for two parts on the streaming service in 2021. Revelations served as a sequel series as a spiritual sequel to the original 1980s cartoon He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, continuing many of the unresolved threads that were left hanging after the show’s 1985 conclusion. This brand-new series will serve as a sequel to the 2021 series with many of the same people who made that series returning for this latest rendition of the popular franchise.

Masters of the Universe: Revolution is executive produced by Kevin Smith, who served as both creator and executive producer of Revelations, as well as Rob David, Ted Biaselli, Christopher Keenan, and Frederic Soulie. All of these executive producers served in the same position on Revelations. There is no casting for the series currently announced, though it has been said that an “all-star voice cast” is set to be announced soon. The upcoming series is produced by Mattel Television with the animation studio being, Powerhouse Animation, also making a return to the series.

Masters of the Universe: Revolution does not yet have a premiere date announced by it will be streaming on Netflix, you can check out the official description and the poster for the upcoming series down below:

‘Masters of the Universe: Revolution’ is an all-new story that brings the focus to He-Man vs. Skeletor like you’ve never seen them before. It’s technology versus magic as He-Man and the heroic warriors face the forces of Skeletor and a deadly threat to the Planet in ‘Masters of the Universe: Revolution’ – the next epic chapter in the battle for Eternia.

Image via Netflix

via Collider

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