‘The Queen’s Gambit: Chess’ Trailer Teases the Netflix Game!! Check It Out!!

Netflix had plenty of surprises in store surrounding their biggest properties during Friday’s Geeked Week event. With video games the focus, the streamer took the time to announce a slew of new titles based around popular franchises like Money Heist and Shadow and Bone. One of their other new titles, The Queen’s Gambit: Chess brings players into the world of Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy) to learn how to become a chess master. A new trailer for the game shows a simple game of chess enhanced with challenges to test your wits and the ability to play against Beth and all the series’ characters.

Much like how The Queen’s Gambit inspired people to dust off their chess boards and pieces, The Queen’s Gambit: Chess is giving them a way to play the game and learn alongside their favorite characters. The trailer shows off just how customizable a chess experience it offers while serving as a love letter to the show. Various locations from the award-winning drama, including Las Vegas, Beth’s house, and the orphanage where she grew up will serve as backdrops for chess matches with Beth, D.L. Townes, Benny Watts, and the infamous Soviet champion Vasily Borgov among others. For players new to the game, the practice mode is also on display featuring Beth’s old teacher Mr. Shaibel as the instructor. There’s also a set of puzzles that ask players to solve a pre-determined chess situation.

What makes The Queen’s Gambit: Chess “not just a chess board,” in the words of Geoff Keighley, is the ability to go through all the big chess matches of the story and play them out while the characters interact with you. It also comes with online play which, given The Queen’s Gambit‘s popularity and the fact the game is part of Netflix’s free selection of games with a standard subscription, should draw a solid player base.

The Queen’s Gambit was released to widespread acclaim back in 2020 as it adapted Walter Tevis‘ tale of fictional chess grandmaster Beth Harmon for the small screen. It followed Beth on her journey as a rising star through the chess world, playing her way up to facing the fiercest challengers of the Soviet Union. As a woman in a male-dominated chess landscape, she shocks onlookers and opponents with her abilities honed from a young age at the orphanage she lived in. Behind her immense talent though, she struggles with a worsening dependency on drugs and alcohol that becomes as much of an opponent as the actual chess masters she faces. The series took home a staggering 11 Emmys.

Netflix is continuing to push hard into the mobile game market and Friday’s Geeked Week really continued that trend. Alongside The Queen’s Gambit: Chess and the aforementioned Money Heist and Shadow and Bone titles, the streamer also unveiled a game for Too Hot to Handle as well as a lineup of indie titles courtesy of Devolver Digital that includes such darlings as Spiritfarer and Raji: An Ancient Epic.

There’s currently no release date for The Queen’s Gambit: Chess. Check out the trailer below to see Beth Harmon’s world brought back to life in a new mobile chess game.


via Collider

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