‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Gets a New Dolby Cinemas Poster!! Check It Out!!

As we inch closer to the Summer release of Thor: Love and Thunder, the highly anticipated fourth movie in the Marvel superhero Thor franchise, Dolby Cinemas has released a new poster highlighting the film’s recognizable thunderbolts and iron-clad warriors. With the characteristic Dolby brilliance and rainbow-like background, the Dolby Cinema experience promises to be an all-inclusive adventure of the senses.The newly released poster sees the titular Thor, played by Chris Hemsworthreprising the role for the fourth movie in the franchise, in a rather un-characteristic smock, crisscrossed on what appears to be a mountain. He holds a rocky, perhaps metallic, stone and sits unfazed amongst the chaos that surrounds him. A rainbow of hidden planets and a rather scary face that may be Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher create the background of the poster, with five beings vividly surrounding the Norse god of thunder. Two goat-like animals pull a ship. Tessa Thompson’sValkyrie is suited up for battle and sports four knives, one of which is pulled out ready to strike. Korg, played by the director of the film Taika Waititi, stands on the wing, his force creating a cloud of dirt at his feet. Natalie Portman’srevamped Jane Foster as Mighty Thor also makes an appearance, holding a hammer similar to Thor’s own Mjölnir.

The first Thor movie was released in 2011 and starred both Hemsworth and Portman, though the third film in the franchise notably lacked Portman’s acting prowess as her character, Jane Foster, was no longer in the picture, having ended her relationship with the Norse god. Fans got their first look at Portman’s lady Thor in a new poster the actress shared to Instagram on April 20 that showed the iron-clad warrior in a very similar suit and stance to Thor’s signature look.

Dolby Cinemas released the movie poster amid a series of new posters that showed a closer look at the cast of Thor: Love and Thunder in character. Tickets were also released June 13. Dolby Cinemas tweeted the teaser of the Marvel Studios-produced film, saying:

“With its epic 🌈 palette and 🤩 cast, watching Thor’s journey to find inner ️ in Dolby will bring you a little ️ too… Or at least a couple well-spent hours in a theater 🍿.”

The luxury experience of the Dolby Cinema will undoubtedly feel as if the action on the big screen is happening in real life. Dolby Cinemas hopes for movie-goers to “feel the transformative power of stories in Dolby.” Their mission, as stated on their website, says, “Only Dolby Cinema can provide you with a truly unique and transformative experience, where you connect deeply with the story. You’ll feel like you’re stepping into the lives of the characters and the world the filmmaker created for you.”

Get tickets now to see the impressive Thor: Love and Thunder in Dolby Cinemas when it premieres this Summer on July 8.

Image via Marvel Studios

via Collider

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