‘The Future Of’ Docuseries Trailer Looks Ahead into a Technological Based Society!! Check It Out!!

Over the past several years, modern society has seen an uptick in all sorts of different technology with no signs of stopping. In the new Netflix docuseries, The Future Of, viewers will gain even more insight into many possibilities of where technology may be headed as the show explores what could happen. Ahead of the premiere later this June, Netflix has released the official trailer and poster.

The trailer provides glimpses at a variety of out-of-the-box and innovative technological advances, including some that already exist or are in progress and others that are a bit more hypothetical. Some of the tech features an app that can tell humans what a dog is trying to communicate, the potential to quantify love, replacing phones entirely with AR glasses, looking towards a future with a digital afterlife, and much more. The trailer includes short vignettes with people discussing different advances and sharing their excitement at the future ahead.

The poster features a young person standing against an outdoor backdrop with a bright blue sky and a building sprouting multiple parts covered with greenery. The person looks up to the sky, as if looking up (or towards) the future laid out in the docuseries.

The official synopsis, per Netflix, reads:

“What if we could look into the future to see how every aspect of our daily lives – from raising pets and house plants to what we eat and how we date – will be impacted by technology? We can, and should, expect more from the future than the dystopia promised in current science fiction. ‘The Future Of’ will reveal surprising and personal predictions about the rest of our lives — and the lives of generations to come. This docuseries explores surprising predictions about augmented reality, wearable tech and other innovations that will impact our lives in the future.

The Future Of will have a total of 12 episodes each with a 25-minute runtime. It will release in two parts, with the first six episodes dropping on June 21, and the back six dropping one week later.

Executive producers include Nilay Patel and Eleanor Donovan for The Verge, Shawn Levy and Josh Barry for 21 Laps Entertainment, and Chad Mumm, Mark W. Olsen, Max Heckman, Michael John Warren, and Chris Grosso for Vox Media Studios. Jurnee Smollett (Birds of Prey, Lovecraft Country) will narrate the series.

The first half of The Future Of premieres on Netflix on June 21, with the second half arriving on June 28. Check out the trailer below:


via Collider

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