‘Gathering Dark’: Candice Fox’s Best Selling Crime Thriller is Getting a Series Adaption!!

Renegade Entertainment is re-teaming with its Troppo creative partner Candice Fox for a new series adaptation of her latest bestselling novel Gathering Dark according to Deadline. Courtney Lauren Penn and Thomas Jane‘s company will produce with Fox, bringing yet another of her books to life on-screen.

Gathering Dark centers on four mismatched women – a convicted murderer, a thief, a ganglord, and a disillusioned detective – who all set out in search of a missing girl. Two of them are connected to each other by their past – the once-respected Dr. Blair Harbor and the detective with a bad relationship with the LAPD Jessica Sanchez. Originally a rich pediatric surgeon, Blair is now an ex-con trying desperately to repair her reputation and win back custody of her son, but she can’t ignore the pleas of her cellmate who asked her to find her missing daughter through any means necessary. Sanchez, meanwhile, is in the crosshair of the police after catching a killer earns her a massive mansion. When Blair is released from prison ten years later, Jessica gets an unexpected visit from the woman she locked away along with a request for help in the search for her cellmate’s daughter.

Renegade previously partnered with Fox to adapt another of her popular titles, Crimson Lake, into the aforementioned Troppo back in May. The series premiered on Amazon‘s Freevee, becoming one of the streamer’s first original titles and earning high praise from critics and audiences in part for the strong dynamic between its leads Nicole Chamoun and Jane. Later, it aired over in Australia through ABC. With such success coming out of their first outing together, the trio is looking to recapture the magic with Gathering Dark.

Both Fox and Penn had high praise for each other with the former saying of Renegade, “Teaming up with Courtney, Thomas and Renegade is the stuff of dreams. They’re the kind of creative team to bring the richness, darkness, and grit this story deserves.” Penn released her own statement, saying:

Candice is a frank, inventive and daring voice in the crime genre. She creates incredibly human, taut and unpredictable characters – first with Ted and Amanda in TROPPO – and now, with her interweaving of four distinct, fascinating, gritty and relatable women in GATHERING DARK. For a woman-led production company, it’s a rare opportunity to dig deep into material capturing a quatrain of women, who couldn’t be more different from each other, and are forced together and unite for their one shared instinct – the need to reunite a mother with her missing child.

Both Fox and Renegade are up and comers within their respective fields. Fox began her rise in the literary world with Hades back in 2014. She now has numerous bestsellers to her name and five works written in collaboration with James Patterson. Renegade, meanwhile, has only been at it since late 2019, with titles such as The Last Son and Slayers to their name. Their next major release will be Murder at Yellowstone City which once again has Jane taking the lead alongside Gabriel Byrne.

There’s no word on where Gathering Dark could release, but their previous collaboration Troppo is available for free on Amazon Freevee.


via Collider

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