‘Tuca and Bertie’ Season 3 Trailer Teases New Shenanigans!! Check It Out!!

While the news was first sung back in August that Adult Swim’s Tuca & Bertie would be flying back on to screens for a third season, mum’s been the word about when we can expect the best bird pals to grace us once again. Today it’s been announced that the ladies, who are voiced by Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong, respectively, will soar back onto the adult animated network beginning July 10, with streaming made available on HBO Max the following day. To make things even better, the good folks behind the adult cartoon dropped a trailer to give us a feathery taste of what’s to come.

Over the last three seasons, we’ve followed toucan Tuca (Haddish) and songbird Bertie (Wong) as they’ve lived in the same building, but each by their own rules. Tuca is a free and rambunctious spirit whereas Bertie is more careful, with a strong sense of safety and self. While on the surface, it may look like all fun and games, the series tackles serious issues including grief, power dynamics, and being a millennial woman, all while contained in the form of a silly cartoon world shared between two bird gal pals. The trailer for Season 3 reveals there’s more where that came from as Tuca begins a fresh romantic relationship and Bertie struggles with a new boss at work. Meanwhile, Speckle (Steven Yeun) has opportunities on the horizon, but may be bringing Bertie down more than she realizes.

Along with Haddish, Wong, and Yeun, this season, audiences will hear the vocal talent’s of Justina Machado, Matthew Rhys, Nico Santos, Janelle James, Maria Bamford, Paget Brewster, Nicole Byer, Margaret Cho, Kether Donohue, Cole Escola, Victoria Moroles, Randall Park, and Paul F. Tompkins. Lisa Hanawalt (BoJack Horseman) created the series and serves as an executive producer alongside Wong, Haddish, Raphael Bob-Waksberg, Noel Bright, and Steven A. Cohen. Michael Eisner’s The Tornate Company produces with Shadowmachine acting as animators.

Tuca & Bertie initially found its home network on Netflix, but was canceled after only one season. Luckly, Adult Swim saw the quirk, charm, and relatable stories put forth by the at times shocking cartoon, and snatched it up for a second season. If you need to catch up before the third season drops on July 10 at midnight ET/PT on Adult Swim, you can head on over to Netflix for the first season now and HBO Max for the second beginning June 24. Check out the trailer for Season 3 of Tuca & Bertie below.


via Collider

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