‘Welcome to Derry’: ‘It’ Prequel Series Writers Room Celebrates First Day!! Check It Out!!

Initially announced in March, HBO Max is launching a series titled Welcome to Derry, a prequel to Andy Muschietti‘s two-part adaptation of the classic It novel by Stephen King. Now the series floats closer as writer Shelley Meals confirmed her involvement via Twitter by posting a photo of red balloons floating outside the writers room.

The prequel was only a rumor when it was first mentioned, but Meals has recently confirmed that the series’ writers room is now available. Meals’ first day in the screenplay process indicates that the series has been confirmed, and the team is eager to explore the mysterious beginnings of one of King‘s most renowned characters. The series is reportedly taking place in the 1960s before The Losers Club formed their alliance. It will delve into the origins of the demonic Pennywise. And since the monster reappears every 27 years, the series might explore how Pennywise’s violence remained unstoppable for centuries. From the pages of King‘s 1986 novel through Muschietti‘s 2017 and 2019 reboots, the author’s novel has been a horror staple.

The films follow residents of the town of Derry, which is haunted by Pennywise the Dancing Clown. The first film follows the so-called Losers Club as children in the 1960s while the second film picks back up with them as adults returning to their hometown after Pennywise resurfaces. The most recent film adaptation starred Bill Skarsgård as the murderous clown.

Warner‘s previous projects provided insights into Pennywise’s 36-year-old backstory, cementing the creature’s catastrophic grip on Derry for centuries. Pennywise’s origins were never fully filled out, aside from the Losers Club recognizing his role in several defining moments. The brand new HBO Max prequel show intends to change that. It is still unknown when the series will begin filming, but if it begins production this year, it might premiere in 2023, just in time for next year’s Halloween season.

Meals has already written for almost a dozen TV shows, all the way back to episodes of the short-lived Dangerous Minds series, which aired from 1996 to 1997. Meals has also written for Shadow and Bone, Sweet Magnolias, Chicago Med, Witches of East End, Hawthorne, The Young and the Restless, and Dawson’s Creek. And now, she’s writing for a new extremely terrifying series.

Check out Meal‘s Twitter post below:

via Collider


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