‘Father of the Bride’ Remake Has Become HBO Max’s Most-Watched Original Movie!!

After its June 16 release, Father of the Bride found its niche with families looking for a fitting watch this Father’s Day weekend. Now, the third film adaptation of Edward Streeter’s 1949 novel of the same name is the biggest HBO Max movie premiere, specifically for a title exclusively made for the streaming service.

The revamped romantic-comedy led by Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan sat at the No. 1 title spot across HBO Max all around the world since its launch Thursday, as Deadline reports. This fresh take on the comedy classic – made with a Latinx cast and mostly Latinx crew – ranked among the top 10 most-watched launches on HBO Max to date in Mexico, solely based on its first four days. Mexico also ranks as second only after the U.S. in amount of viewers for the story’s 2022 iteration.

After the streaming service’s June 2021 launch in Latin America, HBO Max appeals to its widespread audience with Father of the Bride as it deals with universal themes of marriage, in-laws and leaving behind family expectations. Directed by Gaz Alazraki, the film breaks away from expectations set up for the film following the 1991 version starring comedian Steve Martin. Praised for Martin’s characterization of a father reluctantly leading his daughter down the aisle, the film – also starring Diane Keaton and Kimberly Williams – faced criticism when compared to the original 1950 film that saw Spencer Tracy walking Elizabeth Taylor down the aisle nearly 72 years ago.

Veering away from the financial troubles and slapstick problems Martin’s character faced, the 2022 film gives the father of the bride a totally different wheelhouse of stressors to deal with leading up to his daughter’s wedding day. As shown in the Father of the Bride trailer, Garcia and Estefan play Billy and Ingrid Herrera, a couple on the verge of divorce when their oldest daughter Sofia (Adria Arjona) announces her pending nuptials. With Sofia and her fiancé Adan (Diego Boneta) eager to marry and move to Mexico within just a few months, her parents are forced to hide their unpleasant surprise from Sofia and their younger daughter Cora (Isabela Merced) until after the wedding.

Loved in Mexico for his comedy We Are the Nobles, director Alazraki worked with screenwriter Matt Lopez to create the film. Warner Bros. development exec Paul Perez spearheaded Lopez’s fresh take on the romantic-comedy/wedding genre after sharing it with other executives on a company retreat and now, his success led him to his own production deal at the Burbank, California lot. Perez is also shepherding Antoine Fuqua’s new Training Day prequel, which is set during the L.A. riots that followed the Rodney King Verdict.

Father of the Bride is currently streaming on HBO Max.

via Collider

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