‘Purple Hearts’: New Clip Teases the Sofia Carson led YA Romance Adaption!! Check It Out!!

This Tuesday, June 21, Netflix released the very first sneak peek from the upcoming romantic film Purple Hearts which showcases Sofia Carson beautifully singing a heartfelt song dedicated to “all you American heroes.”

In Purple Hearts, directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, Carson plays Cassie Salazar a sharp-witted aspiring musician who works at night in a bar in Austin. After being diagnosed with Type II diabetes, she is drowning in medical bills which leads her to concoct a plan: to marry an Army officer and get the medical insurance that would help her cover her bills. She comes with this proposal to her long-time friend Frankie, who is enlisted in the Army, but he refuses. However, her attractive but intense friend Luke volunteers in his stead. What Cassie has no idea is that Luke has his own secret reasons for wanting to get married. To make their fake marriage work, Cassie and Luke must set aside their differences… But the line that separates the real and the fake is very thin.

In the clip that has recently been released, Cassie is on a video call with her husband Luke, who has already been deployed, and dedicates a song, titled “Come Back Home”, to him and his brothers and sisters in the army. The clip shows Luke’s transfixed gaze and mesmerized expression as Cassie sings and plays the piano for him and the other soldiers, who can be seen drawing closer so they can listen as well. In the end, everyone claps and cheers for Cassie and Luke proudly says, “That’s my wife.”

Joining Carson in one of the lead roles is Nicholas Galitzine who plays Luke. Other cast members include Anthony Ippolito, Linden Ashby, John Harlan Kim, Chosen Jacobs, Kat Cunning, Scott Deckert. Kyle Jarrow and Liz Garcia wrote the script, with Justin Tranter having written and produced the original songs, and Carson credited as co-writer for her contribution to the soundtrack.

Purple Hearts is based on Tess Wakefield’s 2017 novel of the same name. The 320-page book was the author’s first novel for adults. Beyond being a contemporary romance, the novel concerns itself with current issues that are lived in America like the difficult access to health care, the astronomical cost of medical care, the problems with veterans’ benefits, and mental health.

The Netflix film is scheduled to premiere on July 29 on the streamer.

A trailer for Purple Hearts has yet to be released but in the meantime, check out the clip below.

via Collider

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