‘Spacey Unmasked’: Kevin Spacey’s Rise and Fall Gets a Two-Part Documentary at Channel 4!!

British broadcaster Channel 4 has commissioned a documentary series that will focus on the rise and fall of actor Kevin Spacey. The two-part series will look into the rise and fall of the embattled actor who is facing a host of legal battles in court. The documentary series is going by the working title of Spacey Unmasked and will cast a searching light on the early days of the British actor’s childhood, through to his rise and dramatic fall from grace following several accusations of sexual harassment and abuse.Spacey Unmasked will be produced by Roast Beef Productions in association with All3Media International. The docuseries will have Kathy Haywood producing while Kira Phillips directs. This newly commissioned series will have Mike Lerner and Dorothy Byrne serving as executive producers. While discussing the trajectory of the series, Byrne had this to say about the new documentary:

“Kevin Spacey is one of the most highly honoured and admired actors of our age. His brilliance has won him two Oscars and multiple other awards. Critically acclaimed on both sides of the Atlantic for his film work, he led the Old Vic for 11 years of remarkable success, becoming one of the most important figures in London’s cultural life, a friend to some of its leading figures, making regular appearances in society columns. These films will follow the unfolding story of the allegations of abuse against him and the resulting court cases.”

Multiple men have accused Spacey of sexual harassment and abuse, including three anonymous men who accused Spacey of sexual assault in the United Kingdom between 2005 and 2013. The announcement of this series comes just two weeks after the actor appeared at a London court for the first time where he was granted bail. Spacey also has a civil case in New York that is set to be heard in October 2022. The case was brought by actor Anthony Rapp, who was the first to publicly accuse Spacey in 2017. The series will follow the outcome of these two cases in court.

Since the first accusation in 2017, Spacey has had a diminished public presence. The accusations led to Netflix firing him from his leading role as Frank Underwood in their hit political drama House of Cards. Spacey, who won Oscars in 1996 and 2000, has a return to screen planned with Peter Five Eight and the producers have tried to sell the film while defending their star act.

Here is the documentary series’ official logline:

“‘Spacey Unmasked’ (w/t) will take a forensic look at one of the most powerful and respected actors in the world. From his childhood to his emergent success on Broadway and his meteoric rise to stardom, through to his spectacular fall from grace, as he now faces accusations from multiple men of grooming, sexual harassment, and abuse. The two-part series will investigate Spacey’s conduct, how it affected others, and the reasons why they have only decided to speak out now.”

via Collider

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