‘Doctor Doom’: Howard Stern Potentially Leaks Possible MCU Project!!

Fans have been hoping for news of Doctor Doom’s inclusion into the Marvel Cinematic Universe for some time, and a recent leak by an unlikely person may have confirmed his arrival.

During a recent episode of Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show, a clip of Stern talking with a microphone was still on has made its way online. In the clip, Stern is asked by his co-host Robin Quivers if he’s working this summer, to which he responds that he’s “doing Doctor Doom” and has spoken with what seems to be Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige, much to the surprise of his crew.

Later in the conversation, Robin asked Howard if he was excited about it, to which Stern said that he was, and that he had already spoken to Robert Downey Jr. (who famously played Iron Man in the MCU) for acting tips. “Yeah, I called Robert Downey…I was asking him acting technique,” said Stern, in a transcription provided by a Twitter user, before referencing director Jon Favreau as the clip came to an end.

While the clip itself seems to be real, many are speculating whether or not it might just be one big prank on the part of Howard Stern. Furthermore, if he’s serious, it’s unknown exactly what Stern’s role in a Doctor Doom film of television series could be. It’s unlikely that Stern would be playing the titular role of Doctor Doom, but could be featured in any potential live-action film as his real-life self.

In past Doctor Doom comics, plenty of journalists have interviewed Victor von Doom, like in the incredibly popular Books of Doom, a comic series that sees Doom explaining his life and backstory to a journalist.

While fans will have to keep waiting for further information, Marvel Studios is set to appear at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con at the end of July, where more information on a potential Doctor Doom appearance could be announced.


via Coming Soon

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