‘Everything’s Trash’ Trailer Teases the Upcoming Phoebe Robinson led Freeform Series!! Check It Out!!

When the world seems to be on the verge of collapse, leave it to Phoebe Robinson to step in and give us hope. Today, Freeform shared a trailer for their upcoming series, Everything’s Trash, which is oddly on point with recent happenings and indicative of the times we’re finding ourselves in. Known as a comedian, author, actress, and one half of the podcast-turned-HBO special series, 2 Dope Queens, where she worked alongside Jessica Williams, Robinson stars in the timely project that focuses on life, love, and the messiness of the world.

The series will take viewers into the life of Phoebe, a woman in her 30s, not only trying to survive but to thrive in Brooklyn. Art mimics life as the leading lady’s job is that of a podcast co-host on a show titled, Everything’s Trash. With a tight friend circle full of different personalities, Phoebe navigates both her professional and love lives, while enjoying as much safe sex as possible. Things take a turn towards “adulthood” quickly when the leading lady’s older brother declares that he’s running for office. Now, along with her daily tasks and hookups, Phoebe spends her spare time helping her sibling reach his dreams, all while figuring out what “adult life” means anyway.

The trailer for Everything’s Trash is an ode to those in their 30s who find themselves living an unconventional life. While friends around her focus on climbing their career ladders and starting families, Phoebe is happy just where she’s at. Blending comedy with the crushing blow of societal expectations, the series’ trailer displays a show that will hit home for a lot of like-minded people finding themselves living a similar life to that of the protagonist. There’s also an owl! Can’t go wrong with throwing a bird of prey into the mix if you ask us.

Along with Robinson, the series will feature the likes of Jordan Carlos (The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore), Toccarra Cash (Faraway Eyes), Nneka Okafor (God Friended Me), and Moses Storm (Sunnyside). Robinson also serves as an executive producer alongside showrunner Jonathan Groff (Black-ish). Jose Acevedo’s Tiny Reparations joins as co-executive producer with Chioke Nassor who also directed the show’s pilot. ABC Signature is the producer.

The first two episodes of Everything’s Trash hit Freeform on July 13 at 10 p.m. ET with streaming available the following day on Hulu. You can check out the trailer below.


via Collider

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