‘Hunt Club’: Mickey Rourke and Mena Suvari Join Upcoming Action Thriller!!

Mena Suvari (American Beauty) and Mickey Rourke are set to lead Elizabeth Blake-Thomas‘s new film Hunt Club, per Deadline. The pair of stars are joined by Casper Van Dien (Monsters of California) in the very Most Dangerous Game-like film alongside Maya Stojan (Newness), Will Peltz (13 Minutes), and Jessica Belkin (The Orville). Character details for the six cast members are currently under wraps. Development of the film, in general, has been kept under the radar, as production recently wrapped in Mississippi.

Hunt Club promises a mix of survival and revenge stories as it follows a group of male hunting buddies who lure women to their private island with the promise of a $100,000 cash prize if they win their hunting competition. Upon arriving though, the women realize that the hunters aren’t who they seem and that they’re the ones being hunted for sport. Although the men have done this plenty of times without a hitch, they make a grave mistake with the latest group they bring in. The three women won’t go down without a fight and the men will pay for all they’ve done.

Canadian star David Lipper and John F. Saunders wrote the film with Lipper joining his partner Robert A. Daly Jr. in producing through their Latigo Films banner. Joining them as producers are Mark Lester, Keli Price, and Kipp Tribble. Kimberly Hines served as the lone executive producer for the film.

Alongside her BAFTA-nominated turn in the 1999 classic American Beauty, Suvari is well-known for her role in the American Pie films as well as for her multitude of television appearances in shows like Chicago Fire, South of Hell, and American Horror Story. She has a slew of projects coming up, including a pair of thrillers in Breakwater and The Dresden Sun, as well as the Ronald Reagan biopic Reagan starring Dennis Quaid, Jon Voight, and Amanda Righetti.

Rourke, meanwhile, earned his lone Oscar nomination and BAFTA win for Darren Arenofsky‘s The Wrestler, though his fame stretches well beyond that with prominent roles in Sin City and Iron Man 2, among others. Although the film’s he’s appeared in as of late haven’t gotten nearly the same fanfare, he’s remained active on-screen with his most recent project being the WWII film WarHunt. He’s next set to join Dolph Lundgren and Dermot Melroney for Section 8, though he’ll also appear in another film penned by Lipper in Murder at Hollow Creek.

Joining Rourke both in Hunt Club and at Hollow Creek is Van Dien. Known for his roles in Starship Troopers and Alita: Battle Angel, Van Dien also recently attracted another hunting story, joining the remake of The Most Dangerous Game alongside acting legend Bruce Dern. Stojan, meanwhile, is mostly known for her television roles in Castle and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., though she recently appeared American Sicario alongside Danny Trejo. Peltz is best known for appearing in the 2014 horror Unfriended along an appearance in Euphoria. Most recently, he appeared in 13 Minutes and Exploited. Rounding out the group is Belkin, a fellow American Horror Story alum whose credits also include Wish I Was Here and Just Add Magic. She’ll next appear on-screen with Cole Carter in Candy Flip.

There’s currently no release window for Hunt Club.


via Collider

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