‘Batman and Robin’ Nipple Suit Heading to Auction!!

Imagine: it’s movie night and your friends are patiently awaiting your arrival when they hear it… a squeaking in the distance. But where’s it coming from? That’s when you turn the corner, rolling out a mannequin of the iconic George Clooney Batman costume from Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin. Terrified, your friends try to take it all in, but there’s just one glaring distraction — the protruding nipples.

That’s right, it’s the Batman suit with the built-in, poke-your-eye-out nipples. And this little scenario is only one of the millions of things you could do when you drop a measly $40,000 at auction when the outfit makes its way to the market, as a part of Heritage’s Hollywood & Entertainment Signature Auction. But be prepared to drop even more cash, because this is just the starting bid for the caped crusader’s most talked about piece of clothing, which will find itself on sale at the event from July 22 to July 23.

To refresh your memory, Schumacher’s second take on The Dark Knight was a box office and critical crash. Try as he did, there was just nothing that could save the colorful, over the top film from itself. Heck, he hired all the right actors — not only did Clooney star as Gotham’s protector, but we also saw Chris O’Donnell reprise his role as Robin, Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl, Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy, and of course, in an Oscar worthy performance, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze. Despite the names that Schumacher signed on, nothing could save them from the screenplay and overall vibe of the film. Fans will remember that Schumacher was tapped to step into the world of Batman after the studio disagreed with Burton’s two darker takes. The new filmmaker overcorrected, first with Batman Forever, and then all the more with Batman & Robin.

The announcement came with a full description of the item at hand with Heritage Auctions, painting a detailed picture of the piece:

Constructed of cast foam latex, vinyl, resin components, leather, and other mixed media elements all expertly painted, finished and assembled on a life-size pose-able mannequin with a hyper-realistic George Clooney head with prosthetic grade false eyes. Costume pieces include hero signature cowl, full length superhero cape with 2-cape clips, muscle tunic with signature ‘Batman’ icon on the chest, muscled tights, peaked and finned gauntlet gloves, and knee-high character boots.

Wow. If it wasn’t the nipples, it would be the “hyper-realistic” Clooney head and eyes for me… Absolutely terrifying.

Along with the bat nipple memorabilia, the auction will see several other big ticket items up for sale including the cane that Jim Carrey used in his portrayal of Riddler in Batman Forever, and the purple Joker suit worn by Jack Nicholson in Burton’s dark classic, Batman.


via Collider

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