‘The Munsters’: Rob Zombie’s Colorful Remake Gets a Poster!! Check It Out!!

The Munsters look like they’ve had a breath of fresh air in a first-look poster shared today by the film’s director, Rob Zombie. In it, we’re treated to a colorful look at the three main characters of the family of ghouls, Lily (Sheri Moon Zombie), Herman (Jeff Daniel Phillips), and Grandpa Munster (Dan Roebuck). Zombie’s cinematic eye for reimagining the one-time black and white characters is fully on display in this one as the colors pop, dazzle, and play off one another.

In a previous interview, the legendary horror filmmaker said that he wanted to give his characters a cartoon edge, and if this photo is any indication, he’s done exactly that. Even the title is in a vibrant slime green, appearing to ooze down the screen and into the audience. Grandpa’s pale skin against his lively red cape is a real eye-catcher with Herman’s green flesh standing out against his dark eyes. At the center of it all is Lily, clad in a vivid violet dress and holding the hands of the two most important men in her life, her father and husband.

While Zombie has been known to bring the terror and gore in his previous films, The Munsters will be different as it’s received a PG rating, making it a family-friendly affair. And although we aren’t expecting any blood and guts-filled scares à la the director’s other projects like House of 1000 Corpses or The Devil’s Rejects, we can still expect him to put part of his own flair into the production. Along with the jovial colors, we can anticipate specific camera movements (something Zombie has liked to focus on in previous films), and – of course – a killer soundtrack. After all, Zombie’s first taste of fame came from his other gig as a musician, so we’re thinking he’s been dreaming up those Munsters tunes for quite some time now.

Along with today’s poster reveal, we’ve previously been treated to a short opening credits teaser clip that showed off the main character’s in their larger-than-life color scheme. As of right now, we haven’t spotted any other members of the lengthy cast list in costume, however, we do know the film will feature the talents of a lineup that includes the likes of Butch Patrick, Richard Brake, Sylvester McCoy, Cassandra Peterson, Dee Wallace, Jorge Garcia, Catherine Schell, Pat Priest, Jeremy Wheeler, and Tomas Boykin.

With a lifelong fan like Zombie at the helm of the feature, we already knew we were in good hands, but throw in a first-look poster like this one, and we’re blown away. You can check out Herman, Lily, and Grandpa in all their colorful glory in the new poster down below.



via Collider

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