‘Uncoupled’ Trailer Sees Neil Patrick Harris Re-Joining Single Life!! Check It Out!!

In the TV world, we’ve moved way past coming out stories and the “bury the gays” trope, which means the LGBTQIA+ community can finally enjoy some movies and series that aren’t horribly sad. This is the case with Uncoupled, a new comedy series starring Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) as a man in his mid-40s that suddenly finds himself alone again after the end of a 17-year relationship. Back into the bachelor life of New York City, he’ll have to learn how to be single after almost two decades out of the dating world.

The trailer for Uncoupled reveals that the end of Michael Lawson’s (Harrris) married life comes as a shock as his longtime partner just up and leaves on the eve of his birthday. Then it’s all Sex and the City vibes as Michael braves the Big Apple in search of a new partner in parties, date nights, and casual gatherings with his friends.

The trailer also reveals that Uncoupled will find its funny moments with Harris’ character learning how much dating has changed since he was single for the last time. Dating apps with strangers asking for dick pics, throuples, young guys looking for a “daddy”… He has a lot to learn. In addition, the trailer suggests the movie won’t shy away from risqué themes and imagery, so we can expect some steam.

The Sex and the City vibes of Uncoupled aren’t there by chance: The series is co-created by Emmy winner Darren Starr, who created the HBO hit series and its sequel And Just Like That, which was recently renewed for Season 2 on HBO Max. Starr co-creates Uncoupled with six-time Emmy winner Jeffrey Richman, who previously wrote for Frasier and Modern Family.

The series also stars Tisha Campbell (My Wife and Kids), Brooks Ashmanskas (The Good Wife), Emerson Brooks (The Last Ship), Tuc Watkins (One Life to Live), and Marcia Gay Harden (The Morning Show).

Netflix premieres Uncoupled on July 29.

You can watch the trailer below:

Check out the official synopsis here:

Michael Lawson (Neil Patrick Harris) seems to have it all figured out. He’s a successful New York City real estate agent with a great career, a supportive family, close friends, and a loving relationship with his partner of 17 years, Colin (Tuc Watkins). But when Colin unexpectedly moves out on the eve of his 50th birthday, Michael is completely blindsided. Overnight, he has to confront two nightmares: losing the man he thought was his soulmate, and suddenly finding himself a single gay man in his mid-forties in New York City.



via Collider

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