‘Reginald the Vampire’ Teaser Teases Syfy’s New Series Starring Jacob Batalon!! Check It Out!!

Syfy has announced that their new series, Reginald the Vampire, will be rising out of the coffin and into the nightlife on October 5 at 10 p.m. Along with the premiere announcement, the network dropped a teaser filled with dazzling colors. Setting the scene, the short clip gives us a look at a new story about vampires in a world where they’re not hiding in the shadows, but living their undead lives out and about, and looking gorgeous while doing it.

Starring Jacob Batalon (Spider-Man: No Way Home) as the titular character, the show will center around a vampire who doesn’t quite fit in with his own kind – at least not on the surface. In the series, audiences will watch as conventionally attractive, buff creatures of the night strut their stuff and mourn not being able to see their likeness in a mirror – but at least others can enjoy their beauty! Meanwhile, Reginald is just trying to survive those who hope to see his downfall, including a pain in the neck manager at work and the self-absorbed leader of his vampire coven who wants to see Reginald dead. Outside the stressors of work and family, Reginald is in love with a girl who he knows he could never be with, spelling out trouble for his romantic life. To put it delicately, Reginald’s having a bad time. Despite all the odds, the series will see the kind-hearted blood sucker push through the barriers and try to come out on top – or at least just keep himself out of the crypt.

Pulling its story from Johnny B. Truant’s Fat Vampire novels, the series will also star Emily Haine, Mandela Van Peebles, Aren Buchholz, Rachelle Goulding, Savannah Basley, Georgia Waters, Andre Anthony, and Thailey Roberge. The screenplay is in great hands with Twin Peaks and Chucky scribe Harley Peyton penning the adaptation. He’ll also serve as the series’ showrunner and joins the executive production team alongside Jeremiah Chechik, Todd Berger, Lindsay Macadam, Brett Burlock, and Peter Emerson. The show will be produced by Great Pacific Media Inc., Modern Story Company, December Films, and Cineflix Studios.

Reginald the Vampire aims to keep up with the comedic stylings of similar shows like the film-turned-series, What We Do in the Shadows, but focuses on the aspect of what being “attractive” means. The leading character will navigate his new (after)life as someone who doesn’t fit into the beef-cake mold of a vampire, but loves himself just the way he is.

Catch the debut of Reginald the Vampire when it drops on Syfy October 5, and check out the teaser below.


via Collider

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