‘Not Okay’ Poster Sees Zoey Deutch’s Wannabe Influencer All Over!! Check It Out!!

The world of social media has seen more than its fair share of folks being called out for inappropriate behavior, questionable opinions, and flat out lies. In Not Okay, Zoey Deutch’s character, Danni, is about to learn a life-changing lesson when the internet calls her out on her deception and threatens to destroy life for her as she knows it. A few weeks ago, we were treated to a short trailer for the Hulu film, and now we’re getting up close and personal in poster form.

Not Okay follows the life of Danni Sanders, a young woman who finds herself alone in the world. While her main goal is to become a writer, she transfers her talents to the world of social media in hopes of building a name for herself. When she struggles to bring in Instagram followers, Danni hatches a plan to take a fake trip to Paris via Photoshop, something she thinks will land her a solid following. But, when her “trip” coincides with a horrific terrorist attack, Danni uses the tragedy to monopolize on, claiming that she was at the center of the chaos.

Soon, she gains a loyal base of followers, each one worried about the mental and emotional impacts that Danni is now facing after surviving the attacks. It’s through this “experience” that she meets Rowan (Mia Isaac), the survivor of an actual trauma who finds healing in helping others overcome their obstacles. Along with her new bff, Danni begins to strike up a romantic relationship with the dreamy Colin (Dylan O’Brien), someone who never would’ve given her a second look prior. But, Danni will soon find that she’s flying too close to the sun as her followers begin to discover the truth and turn against her.

The new poster reveals the wannabe influencer shedding several colorful tears. Her eyelid is painted in blue, white, and red, the colors of France’s flag, where part of the story takes place. The trio of colors is again on display via Danni’s nail polish and are also spread out over two rings that decorate her fingers. It appears to us as though the usage of the colors symbolizes the film’s main plot in which Danni centers herself in a tragedy that occurs in Paris, which she was not actually present for.

Searchlight Pictures is backing the dark comedy satire, which is directed by Quinn Shephard. Watch Danni’s web of lies unravel when Not Okay hits Hulu on July 29, 2022, and check out the poster and trailer below:

Image via Hulu

via Collider

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