‘Darby and Joan’ Trailer Sees Retirees Solving Crime in the Outback!! Check It Out!!

Prepare yourself a lamington and put the kettle on to boil, because Acorn TV has just released a new trailer for Darby and Joan, a new series set to begin airing on Acorn TV beginning on August 8, 2022.

The new series, which stars Bryan Brown and Greta Scacchi, is an Australian road trip drama that follows a retired Australian homicide detective Jack Darby, played by Brown, and a recently widowed English nurse Joan Kirkhope, played by Scacchi, as they trek across the Australian landscape in Darby’s RV. The duo, brought together by chance, are certainly an odd pair.

Darby, for his part, is a lowkey kind of guy, who wants nothing more than a good drink and the company of his loyal dog, Diesel. Joan, on the other hand, is a bit more tightly wound. But as the two make their way across the outback, they will be drawn into a series of mysteries that requires both of their contrasting perspectives to solve.

The new trailer gives us a look at what to expect from the new series. It shows us the ongoing squabbles of Darby and Joan, with Darby’s easy outback personality and Joan’s high-strung English perspective often clashing in hilarious and endearing ways. And Darby even gets the chance to introduce Joan to the signature Australian cake dish, lambington. But the trailer isn’t all fun and games, as Darby is pulled into a murder investigation and Joan discovers a firearms operation going on just under her nose. It looks like Joan will need some more wine for whatever trouble her outback adventure will have in store for her.

The series will explore the real-life phenomenon of “grey nomads”, a term that describes the growing trend of retirees who decide to leave their homes and set off on the open road. Spending their golden years exploring new and fun locations. Darby and Joan will explore the phenomenon, along with the expansive and unique beauty of Australia’s outback.

The series was filmed in Queensland, Australia, and is executive produced by Claire Tonkin, David Hannam, Matt Campbell, Bea Tammer, and Catherine Mackin. The series is created by Glenys Rowe and Phillip Gwynne, and it is written by Paul Bennett, Keith Thompson, Andrew Anastasios, Giula Sandler, David Hannam, Adam Zwar, Beck Cole, and Ainslie Clouston.

Darby and Joan will premiere its first two episodes on Acorn TV on August 8, 2022, with two new episodes every Monday through August 29, 2022. You can check out the new trailer below:

via Collider

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