‘Kleo’ Trailer Teases Netflix’s German Assassin Revenge Series!! Check It Out!!

The upcoming German-language Netflix Original series Kleo has just gotten a new official trailer showcasing a crime series full of personality, action scenes, and humor.

Created by the trio of writers and producers Hanno Hackfort, Richard Kropf and Bob Konrad, whose previous credits include the TV series 4 Blocks and the first German-language AmazonOriginalYou Are Wanted, Kleo centers around a woman named Kleo Straub, played by Jella Haase. She is a former assassin from East Germany who goes on a revenge-fueled killing spree that reminds one of The Bride from Kill Bill.

In 1987, while under Stasi orders, Kleo assassinates a businessman in West Berlin. This results in her getting set up, arrested soon after by the Stasi, the same state security service that she served, and vilified by everyone in her social circle. When the Berlin Wall is taken down, Kleo is released after two painful years of incarceration. Soon thereafter she starts to gain awareness about the real dimension of the conspiracy that had her thrown in prison, and it is much larger and intricate than she could have ever imagined. Kleo sets out in search of answers and revenge, going on the hunt for the people that were behind the conspiracy to betray her, all the while pursued by a West Berlin officer named Sven (Dimitrij Schaad).

From the very first second, there is something Tarantinoesque about the tone of the trailer. Perhaps not in the amount of blood but certainly in the amount and expression of violence. The introduction to the protagonist/anti-hero Kleo is stylized in a way that teases a rich and compelling personality. The 2-minute-long trailer showcases some of her less conventional killing methods like making poison out of puffer fish.

“She’s completely nuts,” the character of Sven accurately describes her at one point. Indeed, from the multiple instances we are shown of Kleo she exudes chaotic energy, seemingly having a blast while on the life-threatening path to achieve her revenge. “My whole life, I served our country. Then I was thrown in jail. I want to know why.” Kleo justifies without any harshness behind her tone but with a slightly crazed look in her eyes that makes up for it.

This “true story”, some of which “actually happened”, is produced by Michael Souvignier and Till Derenbach of Zeitsprung Pictures. Beside Haase and Schaad, the cast also stars Julius Feldmeier, Vladimir Burlakov, Thandi Sebe, Yun Huang, Marta Sroka, and Alessija Lause.

Kleo will be released exclusively on Netflix on August 19.

via Collider

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