‘Grounded’: ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Writer Working on Animated Series Adaption of Video Game!!

Joining the ever-growing list of video game adaptations is the survival game, Grounded from Obsidian Entertainment. The upcoming animated TV series will be adapted by Star Wars: Clone Wars writer Brent Friedman and Brien Goodrich, who previously worked as cinematics director for both Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians, on board to direct.

The news of the upcoming animated adaptation of Grounded originally came from Deadline, who provided a few extra details about the project. Taking place in the same universe as the game, the show will follow four friends who accidentally stumble upon shrinking technology and fund themselves forced to survive the dangers of their backyard, battling the environment, predators, and discovering a “vast corporate conspiracy threatening their entire town.” Obsidian Entertainment and Xbox are adapting the game into a series in association with Waterproof Studios/SC Productions, Kinetic Media and Bardel Entertainment. “We couldn’t be more excited about diving into the whimsical universe of Grounded. This partnership will be one of great collaboration, expanding on an already wonderful journey of exploration and adventure,” Tina Chow, CEO, Bardel Entertainment, told Deadline. There was also another statement provided by Deadline by Carl Whiteside, MD, WP/SC Productions, who said, “The team at Obsidian have created an incredible world that has already grabbed the attention of the gaming community. We are excited to work with our incredible partners to bring the story to life in an animated series.”

The video game Grounded is a survival game that sees players taking control of one of four characters as they attempt to survive the dangers of a suburban backyard after they are shrunk down to just two inches à la Honey I Shrunk The Kids. Players have the chance to play either by themselves or with up to three friends as they scavenge for supplies to survive and complete quests along the way to completing the game’s story. The game was released in early access in July 2020, with its full launch scheduled to take place in September 2022.

This announcement of the Grounded adaptation follows the announcement that SEGA is looking to adapt games developed by Atlus such as the Persona series into live-action films and TV series as well as the major success of both Sonic the Hedgehog films that were released in 2020 and 2022, respectively, as well as Netflix’s Arcane, which were recently nominated for two Emmy Awards. Grounded joins the ever-growing list of upcoming video game adaptations, such as the Fallout series that is currently filming over at Prime Video as well as the Ghost of Tsushima film set to be directed by John Wick co-creator Chad Stahelski, the Twisted Metal series at Peacock, and The Last of Us series coming to HBO (which recently wrapped filming of its first season).

There is currently no word of when the Grounded animated TV series will be released.


via Collider

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