‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3 Nearly Finished Filming, Possibly the Final Season!!

The end could be possibly near for the multi-Emmy Award-winning series, Ted Lasso as the series cast is filming the final episodes of its third season. This could very well prove to be the end of the comedy-drama on Apple TV+ according to Deadline. But the cast is not ready to say their goodbyes.

Speaking to The Sunday Times last month, star of the show and executive producer, Brett Goldstein revealed that the series would probably end after the third season saying “We are writing it like that. It was planned as three. Spoiler alert: Everyone dies.” The actor does not say definitively that the series will wrap after its next run and given that Apple is yet to make a statement regarding the series’ future, hope remains. Bill Lawrence who is also an exec producer on the smash series said that the final decision of when the series ends will be made by the producers and star, Jason Sudeikis.

Ted Lasso has been a big hit and that is in no small part down to the series’ cast and one of its stars, Hannah Waddingham who plays Rebecca, is not quite ready to say goodbye. While speaking at the recent Ted Lasso FYC event in Los Angeles, the actress revealed that she is not yet ready to say goodbye to her character just yet. She hoped that Sudeikis would keep the show going for a bit longer but this was after she explained what her character meant to her saying:

“Brett and I were talking about [saying goodbye] earlier and we’re both a little bit in denial but have been expecting it since the word go at the same time. It’s like a long, slow mourning. I love her, man. She’s the girl—my girl— that I’m walking along next to and serving. I know that sounds dramatic but that’s how I feel. I feel her rippling through my bloodstream and I’m not ready to not walk with her anymore.”

Just like with Waddingham, Toheeb Jimoh who plays Sam Obisanya and Rebecca’s partner is finding it hard to say goodbye to the comedy series. Jimoh explains that he feels the character as a part of his being now and he identifies with the character now. “Across this three-season journey, I’ve gotten to understand him as a person. I could play him in my sleep now,” he says. “It will be extremely difficult to say goodbye to him. I hope there’s more, man, I really do.”

Asides from amassing a huge following since it aired, Ted Lasso has been known for amassing a host of awards and nominations in its three-season run. With 20 nominations for this year’s Emmy Awards, the series matched its 2021 record-breaking haul in which the series won seven of the twenty awards it was nominated for.

Rewatch the trailer that started it all below:

via Collider

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