‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ Teaser Glimpses at the New Disney+ Series!! Check It Out!!

For those who grew up on the adventures of Benjamin Gates (Nicholas Cage) attempting to both steal the Declaration of Independance and kidnap the President, the news that National Treasure would be hitting Disney+ was no doubt exciting. Now, it’s time to set out on another treasure hunt through American history, as the first teaser trailer for National Treasure: Edge of History is finally here.

The series stars Lisette Olivera as Jess Morales, a young Latina-American Dreamer whose family history will provide one of the mysteries of the series. Olivera will head up the young cast of adventurers who will form the backbone of the new series, that according to franchise producer Jerry Bruckheimer will be in the same spirit as the films that came before.

The teaser, clocking in at only 17 seconds, shows a silhouetted figure entering what appears to be an office filled with files and artifacts. The figure is clad in classic adventuring costume, complete with leather jacket and and Indiana Jones-style fedora. The figure, it turns out, is Jess, who removes her hat and stares directly into the camera before the trailer comes to an end.

In addition to Olivera, the series will also star Justin Bartha, a familiar face to fans of the National Treasure movies, where he played Riley Poole, the team’s technological expert. The cast also includes Jordan Rodrigues as Ethan, Jess’s childhood friend who has had feelings for her forever, Zuri Reed as Tasha, Jess’s best friend, Jake Austin Walker as Liam, a swoonworthy musician whose family are all treasure hunters, Antonio Cipriano as Oren, a lovable conspiracy theorist who is also Tasha’s ex and wants her back, and Lyndon Smith as FBI agent Ross, with Jacob Vargas also set to appear. Rounding out the cast with some serious star power is Catherine Zeta-Jones as Billie, described as a “badass billionaire.”

National Treasure: Edge of History is being directed by Mira Nair, with scripts from Marianne and Cormac Wibberly who also wrote the original films. Jon Turtletaub, who directed the original films is returning as executive producer. The Wibberley‘s, along with cast members Olivera, Walker, Cipriano, Rodrigues, Reed and Smith appeared at San Diego Comic Con this weekend to premiere the teaser.

There is currently no release date for National Treasure: Edge of History. Watch the teaser below:


via Collider

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