‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Becomes the Ninth-Highest Domestic Grossing Film in History at the BO!!

At this point, we’re starting to wonder when Top Gun: Maverick will finally cease crossing milestones as it continues to dominate the summer box office ahead of even highly-anticipated Marvel titles. Unlike its titular hero, Maverick has hit Mach 10 and just keeps going, having passed yet another box office milestone and outdoing not just this year’s Thor: Love and Thunder, but the superhero team-up that started it all. The high-flying Tom Cruise film has officially surpassed The Avengers at the domestic box office, stealing the Marvel film’s spot to become the ninth-highest grossing domestic release in cinema history. Take that, Iron Man!

To achieve such a spot in cinematic history, the legacy sequel brought in $623.8 million at the domestic box office, surpassing The Avengers’ haul ($623.3 million) by about half a million dollars. With the end of its theatrical release window still nowhere in sight, many experts believe that the film can come out of the cinematic dogfight even more victorious, with the possibility to surpass the films that sit in seventh and eighth place on the chart — Titanic with $659 million, and Jurassic World with $653 million, respectively.

It’s rare that a film not tied to a long-running franchise, like Marvel’s Love and Thunder or Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, or even Jurassic World Dominion, do so spectacularly well at the box office that they continue to bust records long after their opening weekend. For context, James Cameron’s Avatar, which earned $760 million at the domestic box office, is the only film in the top six spots that isn’t a Marvel or Star Wars film — the rest of the list includes Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Black Panther, and Avengers: Infinity War. If Maverick manages to crack that list, it’ll be the only film in cinematic history not owned by Disney to do so.

The success of Top Gun: Maverick continues to astound as it racks up records. Not only has the film becomes Paramount’s highest-grossing film ever, but it’s also one of less than fifty films in history to crack a billion dollars at the box office, as well as being Cruise’s highest-grossing film in his entire career, and making rare returns to IMAX and XD theaters because audiences just cannot get enough. Paramount has yet to announce when the film will be pulled from theaters for a theatrical or streaming release, and as Maverick continues to soar past its competition, all we can say is: goodness gracious, great balls of fire!

Top Gun: Maverick, also starring Miles Teller, Glen Powell, Monica Barbaro, Lewis Pullman, Danny Ramirez, Jay Ellis, Greg Tarzan Davis, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, and Val Kilmer, is playing in theaters now.


via Collider

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