‘B-Loved’: First Image Reveals Peyton List and Michael Cimino as a Ghost-Human Duo!! Check It Out!!

HBO Max is finding love in unexpected places this Valentine’s Day. Coming soon from the streamer is a two-part event titled B. Loved about a teenage ghost who forms a new friendship. While filming for the special is underway, HBO Max has released a first-look image featuring its leads Peyton List (Cobra Kai) and Michael Cimino (Love, Victor).

The image showcases List‘s character Bea standing with Cimino‘s character Cole in what appears to be part of a decadent gold room, something akin to a five-star hotel, a ballroom, or maybe an upscale theatre lobby. Cole wears a relatively modern-looking and simple outfit, contrasting with Bea’s 1920s-era garb. Based on the excited expression on Cole’s face paired with the visible person in the background, the duo seem to be at some sort of event. Any further specifics are currently being kept under wraps.

Loved focuses on Bea, who’s described as an “adventurous, funny, curious teenager.” She is a ghost from the 1920s trapped in the present day. Bea’s afterlife takes a turn for the better when a new boy named Cole moves into the house Bea has been inhabiting for the past 100 years. The two form a special friendship, and with Cole’s help, Bea begins to experience life to the fullest again, taking on new adventures, exploring unknown places, and giving her all to the things she’s most passionate about.

Prior to B. Loved, List and Cimino are both coming off other TV roles. List currently plays Tory Nichols in Netflix‘s Cobra Kai, which is heading into its fifth season this September. Cimino recently finished his run as Victor Salazar in Hulu‘s YA series Love, Victor, which received three total seasons. In 2023, he will recur in Netflix‘s Never Have I Ever for its fourth and final season.

Additional cast for B. Loved includes Andrea Navedo (Jane the Virgin) and Phoebe Holden (Tiger Girl). Navedo plays Cole’s mom Catarina, who moved to a new town for a fresh start as she acclimates to raising Cole on her own. Holden will play Cole’s new friend Lydia, who helps Cole navigate his new relationship with Bea. The special is directed by Emily Ting (Tall Girl 2) from a screenplay by Cesar Vitale. Grammy award-winning composer, musical director, arranger, producer, and conductor, Cheche Alara, co-writes three original songs for B. Loved with Justin Young. Mark Burton, Aaron Parry, Tracy K. Price, William Andrew, Ryan Malachowsky, and Jill Sanford executive produce. Endeavor Content and Wonder Worldwide are producing.

While no specific date has been confirmed, B-Loved will premiere on HBO Max on Valentine’s Day 2023. Check List and Cimino in B. Loved below:

B. Loved
Image via HBO Max



via Collider

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