‘Panda’: ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ Creator Eddie Huang Developing New Series for Showtime!!

If you’ve been missing the story told by the hit ABC sitcom, Fresh Off the Boat, Deadline has news about the next best thing. Today it was revealed that the producer and author of the show’s source material, Eddie Huang, is teaming up with Showtime to bring audiences everywhere a new series. Perhaps pulling more inspiration from the world around him, Huang will again be putting pen to paper for his new project, Panda, which he’ll also executive produce.

Panda will center on the titular character, a street-smart kid from Orlando, Florida. Taking place in the late 1990s, the show will follow Panda as he tries to take over the ecstasy trade, peddling his wares to all the warehouse parties and raves he can find. Cheered on by his mother who pushes her son to “be the best of the stupid people,” Panda also finds support from a local teen named Jade. Combining Panda’s street-smarts with Jade’s book-smarts, the two set out to become the top names in the early days of the party scene drug trade.

A well-rounded and multi-talented individual, Huang also knows his way around the kitchen as a chef, and has shown off his cooking prowess by hosting several culinary-based productions including Cheap Bites & Unique Eats as well as Huang’s World. Pairing his zest for life with the universe surrounding him, each production has allowed Huang to take audiences on a deep exploration of different cultures and how food connects us all.

He also celebrated a big win in 2021 when he stood at the helm of his first feature-length project, Boogie. The Focus Features-backed drama tells the coming-of-age story of a Queens, New York native named Alfred “Boogie” Chin (Taylor Takahashi). A teenage basketball prodigy, the young man wants to pursue his love of the game and try to make it in the major leagues, but his parents have other ideas for his future. The feature sees Boogie try to balance his life, a blossoming relationship, and his parent’s expectations all while staying sane and spending as much time on the court as possible.

As for Panda, Matt Dines and Jonah Hill’s Strong Baby will produce alongside Showtime. The production duo will also join Huang as executive producers.


via Collider

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