‘Abbott Elementary’ Season 2 Receives Full Episode Order!!

Abbott Elementary might have taken over our hearts with its premiere season, but now we have confirmation that the Quinta Brunson-led series is getting a full episode order for the second season! Taking us through the daily life of teachers at Abbott Elementary, the series brings us back to the joyous love of the mockumentary style with characters who both love their jobs or are…maybe bad at them (sorry Principal Ava).

In an exclusive from Deadline, it was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con that the series would be back for the second season with even more episodes, and we also know that Mr. Johnson (William Stanford Davis) was also upgraded to a series regular this time around. So what does that mean for fans of the series? It means more of Janine (Brunson) trying to make Abbott the best school for her students along with her fellow teachers, and we can’t wait!

The second season announcement isn’t that surprising given how many Emmy nominations the show garnered. With multiple awards for the show as a whole, the series also got individual acting awards for Brunson, Tyler James Williams, Janelle James, and Sheryl Lee Ralph. What’s so wonderful though is knowing that the show is getting more episodes in Season 2 because, as someone who loves all the mockumentary comedies, that is a trend for them and so it feels right for Abbott Elementary to follow suit.

“We spent a lot of the first season showing what this show is capable of. … Now we get to have some fun,” Brunson said. “We’ve done all the building, and now we get to have some of these fun bottle episodes,.” And when executive producer Patrick Schumacker hinted that there’d also be more episodes in Season 2, Brunson responded with “OK, there you go. We have more episodes this season than in the first.”

We left one very important relationship in the air at the end of the first season and that’s the relationship between Janine and Gregory (Williams). They are, for the most part, the Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope of Abbott Elementary and it feels good to have a “will they, won’t they” back on our screens every week. Season 2 isn’t a shock and I hope that it ushers in more praise for the comedy but getting more episodes of the series? That’s just the icing on the cake!

Season 2 premieres September 21.


via Collider

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