‘All Quiet on the Western Front’: New Images Tease Netflix’s Upcoming Remake!! Check It Out!!

Netflix quietly released new images for their upcoming remake of All Quiet on the Western Front, which is due to release at some point later this year. The film is an adaptation of German author Erich Maria Remarque‘s novel by the same name, which was released in 1929 and promptly banned across Europe for its anti-war messaging. Hailed by pacifists for that same reason, the novel details a soldier’s viewpoint from the trenches of World War I, which Remarque experienced firsthand. The film will follow the same premise as the novel and the Academy Award-winning adaptation from 1930.

The soldier at the center of All Quiet on the Western Front is Paul Bäumer (Felix Kammerer) who volunteers for the war effort alongside his classmates, which would have been expected of them. He quickly comes face to face with the horrors of war, and the never-ending tragedy that plays out in the midst of trench warfare. Given that the original novel was inspired by Remarque’s own experiences during World War I, it makes sense that the film will incorporate real-life figures from that era. Previous reports indicated that Daniel Brühl will appear as Matthias Erzberger, and based on the new images—those reports would seem accurate. Erzberger was the Minister of Finance in German from 1919 until 1920 when he was forced to resign from his position. He spoke out against the war and due to signing the armistice, which ended the war between Germany and Allied Powers, he was believed to be a traitor and assassinated in 1921.

All Quiet on the Western Front is directed by German filmmaker Edward Berger, who penned the screenplay with Ian Stokell and Lesley Paterson. In an interview with Netflix, which was originally published in Italian, Berger spoke on what compelled him to adapt Remarque‘s novel, saying:

“Growing up in Germany, I always had the feeling that one feeling would accompany us throughout our life: that of being heirs to two wars. My children still feel this feeling today. It was important for me to take the German perspective. Our vision of war is marked by pain and shame, sadness and death, destruction and guilt. I felt that making our history, our background and our attitude towards war the driving force of the film was a huge and fascinating challenge at the same time. I wanted to make a film that would give the impression that, in order to be shot, you had to be raised in Germany. “

Image via Netflix

All Quiet on the Western Front also stars Albrecht Schuch, Moritz Klaus, Aaron Hilmer, Edin Hasanovic, Devid Striesow, and Sebastian Hülk. In addition to starring in the film, Brühl also produced, alongside Malte Grunert of Amusement Park and Daniel Dreifuss.

The film is set to have a worldwide premiere on Netflix later this year. Check out the new images below:

Image via Netflix
Image via Netflix
Image via Netflix


via Collider

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