‘Koala Man’: ‘Succession’s Sarah Snook Joins Hulu’s New New Adult Animated Show!!

It’s adventure time on Hulu with the upcoming animated series Koala Man coming to the streamer, and the cast for the animated comedy is growing, with the announcement of Sarah Snook and Demi Lardner joining the series.

Koala Man originates from creator and executive producer Michael Cusack, who also stars on the show. Snook will play the role of Vicky, a wife who believes her husband is going through some kind of midlife crisis, and that his antics are all a phase that will pass. Kevin, the husband, is the titular hero of the show, and is invested in solving and cleaning up all of the crime in the Australian town of Dapto. However, his devotion to his duties as a hero is causing a strain on his relationship with Vicky, as she wonders if she was right to settle down after all.

Lardner will play the role of Alison, a young girl who is determined to become the top dog and the most popular girl in school. Alison is the daughter of Kevin, and she is a sister to Liam. The age gap between her and her twin sits at 35 seconds, but Alison is ready to put a lot more distance between herself and her family in other to fulfill her ambition of being at the apex of her school’s social hierarchy.

An intense adventure waits for Koala Man — that is, if you count not taking out the trash at the right time an adventure. Kevin’s biggest challenge is his lack of superpowers, but that won’t stop him from defending fellow Daptonians from all threats, both man-made and supernatural. He just has to figure a way of not pulling his family into his adventures so often.

Snook (Succession) and Australian comedian Lardner will join a cast that already stars Hugh Jackman as Big Greg, head of the town council and the most liked man in Dapto. Cusack, the show’s creator, will voice both Kevin and his son Liam, amongst others. Koala Man was ordered for eight episodes in March 2021. Rick and Morty‘s Justin Roiland, Dan Hernandez, Benji Samit, and Michael Cowap alongside Cusack will executive produce the series. Hernandez and Samit will also work as showrunners. Koala Man is produced for Hulu by 20th Television Animation.

Here’s the official synopsis for Koala Man:

“An animated family comedy where the patriarch lives a not-so-secret identity of Koala Man, an Australian suburban superhero with no powers but a burning passion to snuff out petty crime and bring order to the community.”

Koala Man does not have a release date yet.


via Collider

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