‘Not Okay’ Clip Sees Zoey Deutch’s Dani Planning to Fake Her Social Media!! Check It Out!!

Sure, we’ve all dreamed about it: rising to the top ranks on social media and becoming an influencer, paid to travel and given sponsorships to promote products. To many of us, it sounds like a dream. A new lease on life that allows you to drop your 9-5 and embark on a fresh adventure as your own boss. And that’s exactly the dream that Zoey Deutch is chasing in a new clip for her upcoming Hulu film, Not Okay.

The satirical comedy will see the actress star as wannabe influencer Danni Sanders, who’s prepared to do whatever it takes to gain followers and fortune. She cooks up the idea to fake a trip to Paris, hoping to bring her following along for the ride, but when a terrorist attack rocks the city, Danni sees an even better opportunity to build her fanbase, something that will prove to blow up in her face.

A new clip shared to the film’s Twitter account shows how Danni plans to pull her social media heist off. Going as far as to lie to her mother, Danni builds a fake website as the foundation for her scam. Next, we see her blasting the “news” on her socials, giving her video a French theme featuring the colors of the flag, and sticking the landing with the finishing touch of adding her passport to the shots. Keeping up the charade, the aspiring influencer heads to the grocery store to pick up a baguette (because it doesn’t get more Parisian than that) and even learns how to apply a Euro-chic makeup look. Finally, it’s time to set up the at home photo studio and toss on a beret to really drive the point home. Photoshopping her pictures beyond belief, Danni “poses” in front of the beautiful architecture in the City of Love and shows off her croissant and coffee at a sidewalk café.

Along her “journey”, Danni will hit it off with Dylan O’Brien’s Colin and the two will develop a romantic relationship, which will of course be built on lies. Following the devastating events that will play out in Paris, Danni will place herself at the center of it in full victim mode where she’ll meet Mia Isaac’s Rowan. A survivor of real trauma, Rowan and Danni will strike up a friendship that’s bound to crash and burn when Rowan discovers the truth.

The feature will see an ensemble cast consisting of Embeth Davidtz, Karan Soni, Brennan Brown, Nadia Alexander, Tia Dionne Hodge, Negin Farsad, Sarah Yarkin, and Dash Perry. Helmed by Quinn Shephard, Not Okay will mark the filmmaker’s return to the land of feature directing following her breakthrough 2017 drama, Blame.

You can check out the new clip below and catch Not Okay when it lands on Hulu beginning July 29.


via Collider

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