‘Carry On’: Taron Egerton to Lead Jaume Collet-Serra’s Holiday Action Thriller!!

Still riding on the media hype for his DC directorial debut with Black Adam, Jaume Collet-Serra has picked up a holiday action thriller currently titled Carry On. The movie is the first production to come from the deal Amblin Entertainment signed with Netflix in June 2021, and Kingsman actor Taron Egerton is attached to star following his own rave reviews rippling across the internet.

With a screenplay written over eight years ago by film, comic, and video game author T.J. Fixman, and polished by Logan screenplay writer Michael Green, Carry On is reportedly an action-packed holiday thriller. What was supposed to be a typical hectic Christmas Day at the airport turns into a nightmare for TSA agent Ethan Kopek (Egerton). When confronted with a dangerous package, Ethan is blackmailed by a mysterious traveler who somehow has information they’re holding over the agent’s head to allow the package to pass through security. It sounds like Ethan’s choice isn’t going to be especially easy to make with whatever the stranger’s incriminating dirt on him is.

Reportedly, Egerton felt a connection to the script despite having a number of offers for future projects. The actor was the first and only to audition for the role of Ethan Kopek, and he and Collet-Serra hit it off, feeling an instant successful collaboration in the making. In the role of a high-tension, pulse-pounding action star, Egerton is no stranger. Though he’s shown an incredible talent for a variety of roles, Egerton shines as James Keene in Apple‘s original true-crime series Black Bird. The part is tense and Egerton‘s performance is sharp, making him an excellent choice for a high-stakes thriller like Carry On. Combined with Collet-Serra‘s focused action sequences, Egerton‘s Kingsman know-how will serve to hopefully deliver a holiday blockbuster on par with Bruce Willis‘ iconic Die Hard.

Returning to the roots that Collet-Serra grew from, the filmmaker picked up Carry On between his franchise work with Disney‘s Jungle Cruise and the highly-anticipated big-budget DCEU film Black Adam, starring Dwayne Johnson. Said to return in the following years to bigger budget productions, Collet-Serra wanted to strike while the iron was hot, jumping, too, at the chance of working with Green again after their partnership on Jungle Cruise. While the director may now come to be known as the guy responsible for the sensational first Black Adam film, Collet-Serra is well-known for his action-packed dramas like his off-the-rails movie The Commuter, featuring an all-star cast with Liam Neeson, The Conjuring alums Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson, and a lesser-known Florence Pugh before her Midsommar fame. Other notable credits in the same vein as Carry On are Non-Stop with Neeson and Julianne Moore, and 2011’s Unknown with Diane Kruger. Fingers crossed we get another powerful leading lady alongside Egerton. Can we put our hats in for Pugh, or maybe Daisy Edgar-Jones?

In an interview with Collider for Black Adam, the filmmaker was asked about his handling of character development, and he discussed the ways he utilizes action in his films to tell the characters’ stories:

“A lot of it is experience in having done a lot of action sequences through the years that I’ve had to cut down because there were not enough character moments. So, you really have to think about character first and what defines character and if you know each character, and you know their arc, you have to show that through action, not only words. You try to infuse the action with those decisions and, and it becomes a little bit of a puzzle because what might help a character might not help another character.”

Producer of action epics like 2022’s The Batman with Robert Pattinson and Joseph Kosinski‘s Oblivion, Dylan Clark will be backing the project with Amblin Entertainment‘s president of production Holly Bario. Senior VP for Dylan Clark‘s Production Brian Williams will executive produce, as well as Scott Greenberg (The Guilty) and Seth William Meier (Happy Death Day).

No further details are available for Carry On regarding cast, plot, or release dates.


via Collider

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