‘A Different Man’: First Image Reveals an Unrecognizable Sebastian Stan!! Check It Out!!

It seems that no matter what role he takes on, Sebastian Stan is able to melt into his character almost completely. From the indefatigably foolish, knee-knocking Jeff Gillooly in I,Tonya to the cannibalistic seducer in Fresh, it seems that there are no limits to Stan‘s ability to commit to a role. And this is no more evident than it is in his most recent role in Aaron Schimberg‘s A Different Man. And Stan previewed his new role in an Instagram post today, giving us a glimpse into what is sure to be another unforgettable character.

The new photo posted to Stan‘s Instagram today shows him in the center frame in make-up for his newest character, Edward. In A Different Man, Edward is a man who seeks to change his life through facial reconstructive surgery. However, Edward finds his pursuit of a new life difficult when he becomes obsessed with a man who is now starring as his former, pre-surgery self in a stage production. The new image shows Stan‘s face completely altered, looking out through the harsh darkness of the background. The image is one of the first glimpses into the project. The image is captioned simply “Edward” and seems more like an oil portrait than a movie still, giving an intimate look at his new character.

Also starring in the film is Adam Pearson, who has previously worked with Schimberg on several projects, including the 2018 film Chained for Life, which tells the story of a beautiful 1950s actress who struggles to reconcile herself with her own prejudices over the physical differences of her costar. Renate Reinsve, who recently starred in The Worst Person in the World has also signed on for A Different Man.

A Different Man is an A24 project. Christine Vachon and Gabriel Mayers of Killer Films will serve as producers on the film. Vanessa McDonnell of Grand Motel Films and Jason Reif will also produce the project. The film’s star, Sebastian Stan is also serving as an executive producer on the film. Filming on the project started this month. And this is only our first glimpse into Aaron Schimberg‘s newest project, which is sure to offer us a pretty intense look at physical appearance and our intensely complicated relationship with our own conceptualization of ‘the self’.

You can take a look at Sebastian Stan‘s first appearance as Edward below.

via Collider

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