‘Attack the Block 2’: John Boyega Shares Cover of the Anticipated Sequel’s Script !! Check It Out!!

A decade after hitting theatres, things are finally moving forward on the Attack the Block sequel front. The sci-fi comedy film debuted in 2011 and was an instant critical darling, going on to win several awards. Though it underperformed at the box office, many of the film’s cast have gone on to have sterling careers, including John Boyega, who recently offered an update on the long-awaited sequel, giving fans their first look at the film’s script.

The actor recently revealed at the Nope world premiere that the Attack the Block sequel had begun development and fans should expect something soon. Keeping to his promise, the actor has now shared the cover page of the film’s script. Beyond the title Attack The Block 2, nothing else is revealed on the page. Regardless, that doesn’t mean this isn’t promising news. Finally having a script for the anticipated sequel is definitely exciting news for fans of the first film.

Attack the Block immediately stood out for its originality, its character development, and refreshing novel entry into the sci-fi genre. At its core, the film followed a gang of teenagers defending their South London neighborhood from alien invaders. It received praise for its pacing, authenticity, and social commentary. Among the many things the film had in its favor, the cast was definitely a standout element of the film.

What’s particularly interesting about the cast is that many have gone on to become prominent names in the sci-fi genre. Boyega gained global attention for his portrayal of Finn in the Star Wars franchise, Franz Drameh notably portrayed Jefferson Jackson/Firestorm in the CW’s Arrowverse, while Jodie Whittaker iconically became the Thirteenth Doctor of the Doctor Who franchise. Beyond Boyega, Drameh, and Whittaker, the film also starred Nick Frost, Alex Esmail, Leeon Jones, Simon Howard, and Luke Treadaway, to name a few.

Attack the Block was also the directorial debut of Joe Cornish, who went on to co-write the screenplay for the MCU’s Ant-Man and direct 2019’s The Kid Who Would Be King. Cornish is also back on board for the sequel. Beyond Cornish and Boyega’s return, there is no word yet on who else from the original film is returning for the sequel. But considering the film is still in early development, this is to be expected.

Apart from Attack The Block 2, Boyega has Breaking, The Woman King, and They Cloned Tyrone on the horizon; but with Attack the Block being one of his first introductions to the limelight, the sequel is quite an exciting addition to his body of work. Check out the script image below:

Attack the Block
Image via John Boyega

via Collider

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