Good Luck Jerry (2022) Review!!

Synopsis – The film is the official remake of Tamil movie Kolamaavu Kokila, which tells the story of an innocent girl who gets pulled into the notorious world of cocaine smuggling.

My Take – A plot revolving around a subdued girl rising above her circumstances has been a basis of many features and web series, especially in recent times with the demand for simple stories being on duly rise. While this latest Disney+ Hotstar release follows a similar trajectory, it does so, thankfully, by embracing its comedic elements more effectively and efficiently.

An official remake of the Nayanthara starrer Kolamaavu Kokila (2018), here, director Siddharth Sen and writer Pankaj Matta manage to successfully strike the right balance in a screenplay that works as a dark comedy and everything is in the right proportions, managing to stand on its own.

Yes, the film is often silly, frivolous, predictable, and has hiccups in the execution, with unnecessary subplots being introduced in the latter half, but with its world of self-deprecating thugs and bullish jokers parading as bad men, director Siddharth Sen, who had also helmed the bizarre Netflix romantic thriller Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhein, manages to bring the same quirk and visual palette delightfully. Well anchored by Janhvi Kapoor, who proves once again why she is one of the most promising new faces on the block, the story fares a lot better than it could have. Resulting in a breezy ride benefiting hugely from its vibrant source material.

Set in small town of Punjab, the story follows Jaya “Jerry” Kumari (Janhvi Kapoor), a migrant middle-class girl who works in a massage parlor and lives a modest life with widow mother Sharbati (Mita Vashist), who sells vegetable dumplings for a living, and a younger sister Chhaya “Cherry” Kumari (Samta Sudiksha), a student. Their life takes a turn for worse when Sharbati gets diagnosed with second-stage lung cancer, requiring Jerry to raise Rs. 25 lakhs to begin her treatment. Of course not coming from wealth, Jerry is left distraught to come up with such an amount, with even their older neighbor Anil (Neeraj Sood), who has the hots for Sharbati, making a contribution. In a bizarre turn of events, opportunity comes knocking when Jerry is forced to help a drug smuggler retrieve his hidden package from a location infested with cops.

And when the men in uniform ignore her, not even casting a single doubt or suspension towards her, Timmy (Jaswanth Singh), the leader of the drug smuggling gang, is left gob smacked. Taking a shine to her, with huge rewards on the other side, Jerry gets hired to become a courier for dreaded mobsters Daler (Sushant Singh) and Malik (Saurabh Sachdeva). However, things go haywire when she decides to quit, unintentionally luring her family into the business. Forcing Jerry to outplay both cops and thugs.

The premise is enjoyable and the writing effectively matches up by not divulging into even a single dull moment. The story doesn’t meander or slack, keeping the pace smooth for most part. Dark comedy is a genre that is too hard to pull off and not many filmmakers attempt it, thankfully, director Siddharth Sen excels at it under the garb of a thriller.

Throwing in numerous twists and turns that will keep you hooked till the very end. The film’s best scenes come through when focusing on Jerry and her family. Their equation, their quarrels, and their unwavering support for each other are both heartwarming and hilarious. He keeps the narrative taut, and turns the situation more curious when Jerry’s family is lured into the business.

However, the climax gets slightly muddled up in its telling, with too many parties and their vested interests, engaging in a battle of the wits. The longish sequence where Jerry is mistaken to be getting assaulted was jarring and seemed forced to crank up the hilarity.

Much of it is largely down to the insistence to make Janhvi Kapoor‘s Jerry the leading light of the show, and while the actress carries herself with aplomb, it undermines some threads of a kooky little premise that maybe, could have been explored better. Nevertheless, having said that the film never stops being silly fun.

Performance wise, Janhvi Kapoor portrays the shy but determined Jerry with ease, effortlessly shifting between moods and changes in tonality. Janhvi manages to bring out the naivety, vulnerability, and cunningness together quite effortlessly. The best part is that she knows her capabilities and plays within them without trying to go overboard. It is rare for actors to accept their strengths and use them without making them look obvious.

In supporting roles the prolific Mita Vashisht ups the mom dramatics with flair, Deepak Dobriyal is hilarious even in the minimal screen time that he has, and Sushant Singh creates the atmosphere his character is meant to create in every scene, while Samta Sudiksha, Jaswanth Singh, Saurabh Sachdeva, and Neeraj Sood are effective. On the whole, ‘Good Luck Jerry’ is a delightful and chaotic dark comedy thriller anchored by a consistently good Janhvi Kapoor.

Directed –

Starring – Janhvi Kapoor, Sushant Singh, Mita Vashisht

Rated – PG13

Run Time – 119 minutes

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