‘Working Girl’: Selena Gomez to Produce Reboot!!

Another reboot, anyone? According to Deadline, a new version of the insanely popular 1988 hit Working Girl is in development from 20th Century. Selena Gomez will be producing the reboot of the Mike Nichols film, though it is unknown if she will be also appearing in the film or if she is strictly working behind the scenes.

Ilana Pena will be adapting Kevin Wade‘s original script for the reboot. Pena previously was a writer for the CW comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and was the creator/writer for Disney+‘s Diary of a Future President. Little information is known about the new version of Working Girl, and how much of the original plot of the film will be retained for this reboot. The film will follow an increasingly long line of 20th Century properties being rebooted or spun off in recent years, including 2021’s Home Sweet Home Alone, 2022’s Cheaper by the Dozen, and the recent Disney+ Turner & Hooch series starring Josh Peck.

With a distinct New York flair, the original film revolves around a Staten Island secretary (Melanie Griffith), who takes on the identity of her boss (Sigourney Weaver) after she breaks her leg. With the help of her friend (Joan Cusack), she attempts to move forward with merger plans by posing as her boss to an associate (Harrison Ford) from another company. The film made over $100 million at the box office and was met with rave reviews. It was nominated for a whopping six Academy Awards and Golden Globes. The film won an Oscar for Carly Simon‘s hit song “Let the River Run” and four Golden Globes including Best Musical/Comedy Picture and best actress awards for Griffith and Weaver.

This won’t be the first time the film has spawned a spin-off. In 1990, NBC released a sitcom with the same name starring Sandra Bullock as the lead character. The series was not a success and was canceled after eight episodes, with four episodes remaining unaired. In 2019, a Broadway musical adaptation with music and lyrics by Cyndi Lauper was in the works. A fully staged production is yet to be produced.

No casting or other details about the rebooted film have been announced.


via Collider

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