‘As We Know It’: Pam Grier, Chris Parnell, and Oliver Cooper Join New Zombie Film!!

With production now underway in Los Angeles, actors Pam Grier (Jackie Brown), Chris Parnell (30 Rock), and Oliver Cooper (Project X) are set to star in the upcoming zombie apocalypse film As We Know It, according to an exclusive from Variety. The upcoming project will be directed by Josh Monkarsh, who previously helmed the short film The Evolution of Ethan Baskin, which debuted at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival.

With production of the film expected to continue until later this month, Grier, Parnell, and Cooper join the cast that also includes Mike Castle, who previously starred in Brews Brothers, alongside Taylor Blackwell (Designated Survivor) and Danny Mondello in his film debut after previously gaining recognition from the social media app TikTok. Specific plot details and the roles that the actors will play have not been disclosed yet.

The film is set to take place in the late 1990s and will focus on James Bishop, a struggling writer who, after a messy breakup, attempts to complete his newest book before the inevitable apocalypse takes place. Monkarsh co-writes the screenplay of As We Know It. with Christopher Francis and Brandon DePaolo. With an interesting premise at the center of a zombie apocalypse story, As We Know It could be an interesting addition to the genre for audiences to look out for.

Grier is also set to star in the upcoming untitled Pet Sematary prequel in an undisclosed role. The film is directed by Lindsey Beer and will debut on Paramount+ some time later this year. Known for playing serial killer David Berkowitz in the show Mindhunter, upcoming projects that Cooper will also star include Helen’s Dead, which will be directed by K. Asher Levin, one of the producers for As We Know It, and the horror-comedy Baby Blue, helmed by Adam Mason. Known for his role in comedic films and shows, Parnell currently voices Jerry Smith in the hit adult-oriented animated series Rick and Morty. Audiences can expect to see the trio of actors together on-screen when the independent zombie film debuts in the near future.

Monkarsh and Josh Fruehling will be producing the film alongside Slayers producers Daniel Cummings and Levin. Due to the film’s status in production, no current release date has been set yet.


via Collider

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