‘Daliland’: Ezra Miller and Ben Kingsley Starrer to Premiere at TIFF’s Closing Night!!

As Ezra Miller‘s increasingly violent, erratic, and unlawful behavior continues, the controversial actor’s slate of future projects is left in question. While a lot has been said about what will happen (or won’t happen) with their forthcoming blockbuster, The Flash, not as much has been said about Daliland, the latest film from director Mary Harron (American Psycho), which sees Miller play a young Salvador Dali.

Also starring Ben Kingsley as the elder Dali, the artist biopic has become a point of curiosity — especially as it’s uncertain whether Miller’s involvement will prevent the film from seeing the light of day. Well, it will be seen, as it was just announced that Daliland is officially slated to be the closing night film at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). But whether Miller will show up for the debut remains unlikely at best.

As Deadline notes, the upcoming drama will make its world premiere at the 47th Toronto International Film Festival, but the announcement made sure to highlight Kingsley‘s star power while downplaying Miller‘s role. In fact, Miller‘s name was left off the cast credits entirely, which could cast some doubt whether the actor will be seen in the new film, or if the production opted to reshoot their part entirely. While one could reasonably assume that their role was axed out of Daliland completely, Deadline claims that Miller‘s role hasn’t been removed.

Indeed, it sounds like TIFF is trying to avoid coverage of the troubled actor’s involvement in their festival’s final premiere. Certainly, as this is a much smaller film than The Flash, Daliland will face a far deeper impact from Miller‘s string of illegal behavior. It will overshadow the premiere in some respect or another, and TIFF would ultimately prefer if the public and the press celebrated the film’s starry debut rather than focus intently on the recent troubles of one of its well-publicized stars.

That seems unavoidable, admittedly, but TIFF doesn’t want to be accused of highlighting the actor’s involvement. As noted in the press release, Daliland will follow Dali in the 1970s and the strange and beguiling marriage shared between the artist and his wife, Gala, it’s told through the wonderous eyes of James, a young and eager assistant who is keen to make his name in the art world. He helps the bold, eccentric genius prepare for his big gallery, and throughout the film, we will see select flashbacks from Dali’s early years, which will likely parallel Dali’s journey with his new apprentice.

Thus, while Miller is in the title role, it’s a sizable supporting role at most. In an interview with Deadline back in 2021, Harron claimed that they only had Miller for three days in between their commitments to this spring’s Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore and the aforementioned Flash.

On Monday, Miller was charged with burglary by the Vermont State Police, as Variety reported. It is only the latest in their series of run-ins with the law. They were arrested twice in Hawaii for assault, and they’ve also been at the center of grooming allegations made earlier this summer, as detailed by Vulture.

Warner Bros. has made it clear that they have no plans to work with Miller after The Flash, though the studio is still moving full speed ahead, as it were, with the film’s theatrical rollout. The controversial actor’s career has otherwise been left in question, to say the least, and it remains to be seen whether their role in this biopic will hurt its impending release — especially as it nears its newly-announced TIFF premiere. We’ll have to wait to see, but it’s clear that TIFF wants to distance itself from this troubled star.

Daliland will premiere September 17.


via Collider

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