‘Chief Of Station’: Alec Baldwin and Olga Kurylenko Set to Lead Spy Action Thriller!!

Alec Baldwin and Olga Kurylenko will star as the leads in the upcoming spy action thriller, Chief of Station, reports Deadline. The film is set in Europe and will begin production in Budapest later this year.

Chief of Station follows a former CIA Station Chief who recently learns that his wife’s death was not an accident. He is forced to use his skills once more and team up with a rogue agent who will assist him in uncovering a conspiracy theory that “challenges everything he thought he knew.”

Baldwin is widely known in the entertainment industry for his long and storied career. Since his debut in 1980, he’s gone on to star in many fan-favorite projects, such as Beetlejuice, Martin Scorsese’s The Departed and the television series 30 Rock, which earned him several prestigious awards. Besides his work on screen, Baldwin has also done stage work starring in the 1992 production of A Streetcar Named Desire as well as performing in an Off-broadway production of Macbeth where he earned a Tony Award nomination.

Kurylenko is a Ukrainian-French actress who found mainstream success for her role in the film adaptation of Hitman. Her most notable roles have been as the bond girl in Quantum of Solace, Taskmaster in the recent Black Widow movie, and as Maria Veniaminovna Yudina in the dark satire film The Death of Stalin.

Jesse V. Johnson will direct Chief of Station with George Mahaffey serving as screenwriter. Johnson’s filmography is a slate full of action films, such as White Elephant starring Bruce Willis, Avengement starring Scott Adkins, Triple Threat starring Tony Jaa, Mission Impossible 3 starring Tom Cruise, along with Planet of the Apes and Total Recall, among others – so who better to bring this new thriller to life.

Speaking with Deadline, Johnson briefly spoke about working with Baldwin and Kurylenko, stating:

I am honored to be collaborating on this epic action adventure with one of the bona-fide legends of cinema, and pairing Alec and Olga will certainly bring some on-screen magic, she is a force-of-nature.

This will be the second time Kurylenko and Johnson will work together, with Hulu’s The Princess marking their first collaboration.

Steve Lee Jones will be producer of the project for Bee Holder Productions along with Matthew Shreder for Concourse Media, who will also executive produce and oversee worldwide rights. Jones also spoke with Deadline regarding Johnson’s experience developing action films, saying:

Jesse continues to deliver fun escapist fare that rocks on all cylinders, and we are super excited to team him with Alec and Olga on this elevated and layered international picture which will take Alec back to some of the classic films that made him a screen icon and Olga will add the sizzle that will make this a must-see thriller.

The acting talents of these two performers show promise for the film. Spy thriller fans will definitely be eager to see what this film has to offer to the genre.


via Collider

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