‘Rosaline’: New Image Tease the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Re-imagining!! Check It Out!!

Hulu‘s upcoming original film Rosaline received new photos that send us back to the time of Romeo & Juliet to meet Romeo’s jilted lover Rosaline Capulet. The first image of Kaitlyn Dever as the oft-forgotten first romantic interest in William Shakespeare‘s iconic tragedy came back in November, but new photos give a greater look at her donning stunning period attire along with other members of the cast. The film debuts on the streamer on October 14.

Three of the four new photos center on Rosaline who seems to be scheming to ruin Romeo and Juliet’s relationship to get her man back. In one shot, she’s chatting up Dario (Sean Teale), who gets roped into the operation to get the two broken up. Teale is donning a soldier’s uniform as the pair meet in the woods to seemingly discuss their plans in private. The other two images of Rosaline show her preparing for a party with a white mask and sitting at a table alongside Romeo (Kyle Allen) seemingly before Juliet comes in and sweeps him off his feet. The final photo offers the first look at Isabela Merced as the apple of Romeo’s eye, Juliet. With a flowing white and gold dress with red sleeves, she looks the part of the Capulet princess.

Rosaline puts Shakespeare’s tragic tale of star-crossed lovers on its head by turning it into a rom-com. It centers on Rosaline, the cousin of Juliet whom Romeo first pines for until a chance encounter with Juliet during a Capulet party. In the original story, Romeo’s love for Rosaline was unrequited, but here, she’s heartbroken when Romeo meets Juliet. Spurned by Romeo, she tries everything in her power to thwart the famous romance before it can take off and win Romeo’s love back.

The film hails from Yes, God, Yes director Karen Maine with Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber penning the screenplay. It’s based on Rebecca Serle‘s novel When You Were Mine which adapts the story with an even more modern twist, telling the story of the relationship between Rosaline and Rob which comes crashing down after his old friend Juliet returns to town with her sights set on him. Maine and company opted to adopt the original setting instead and lean more into the comedy rather than the teen drama of the book.

Minnie Driver and Bradley Whitford also star in the film which is produced by Shawn Levy, Dan Cohen, and Dan Levine. Dever, Neustadter, and Weber also executive produce alongside Emily Morris.

Rosaline streams on Hulu on October 14. Check out the new images below.

rosaline kaitlyn dever kyle allen
Image via Hulu
rosaline kaitlyn dever minnie driver
Image via Hulu
rosaline kaitlyn dever sean teale
Image via Hulu
rosaline isabela merced
Image via Hulu

via Collider

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