‘District 10’: Sharlto Copley Reveals ‘District 9’ Sequel Still in Development!!

Despite thirteen years having passed since Neill Blomkamp directed the critically acclaimed science fiction film District 9, actor Sharlto Copley, in a promotion for his upcoming film Beast with BroBible’s Post Cred Podcast, has revealed that the long awaited sequel is still currently in development and may even begin production as soon as next year

“Yeah, man, we’ve been working. I did a draft, I sent it back to him. He’s done a draft. It’s like just tiring to find the right sort of story. There were some things going on socio-politically that [Blomkamp] felt maybe timing-wise he didn’t want to go immediately. So maybe in like a year, year-and-a-half [we’ll begin filming]. He wants to have something to say,” Copley said about the project currently in development.

While Copley didn’t offer any further details about the sequel, his comment does reassure fans of the first film that the sequel has not been abandoned after all these years. The actor starred in District 9 and played the character Wikus, a member of the MNU, who begins to transform into a prawn after an exposure to some alien fluid. After befriending a prawn named Christopher Johnson, who eventually escapes Earth, the film ends with Wikus fully transformed as he awaits for Christopher’s return, so he can revert into a human form again. While the plot of the sequel still remains a mystery, it will be titled District 10, a reference to the relocation of the prawns from District 9.

With an ending that teases more to the story, Blomkamp has hinted at a District 9 sequel, various times since the release of the original film with previous reports stating that it will be inspired by real-life American politics. Blomkamp‘s career continued with the release of films such as Elysium, Chappie, and Demonic, his most recent project. The director has also been attached to various canceled projects such as Alien 5 and Robocops. Despite the cancellation of past projects, it appears that Blomkamp is returning to where it all began as District 10 continues development.

The first District 9 was released in 2009 as Blomkamp‘s feature-length film debut and achieved both critical acclaim and box office success with many claiming it as an instant classic of the science fiction genre. Praise of the film was directed at its social commentary, unique storytelling, and special effects and would be reflected through various accolades. District 9 received four Academy Award nominations including Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Achievement in Film Editing, and Best Achievement in Visual Effects. With the high standard set by the original film, its sequel has large steps to follow. More details will be revealed about District 10 as the project begins production in the near future.

Due to the film’s status in early development, District 10 has no confirmed filming or release date.


via Collider

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