‘Krrish 4’: Upcoming Hrithik Roshan led Superhero Sequel Gets an Update!!

Krrish 4 was announced with much fanfare way back in 2021. However, since then, the leading man Hrithik Roshan has been busy leading other projects including Vikram Vedha remake and Fighter. However, there has been a new development on the superhero franchise. As per current reports, the makers are keen on taking ahead the franchise soon and it will start off from where Krrish 3 had ended.

In a Pinkvilla report, a source was quoted saying that the fourth instalment of Krrish is in the pipeline and the makers are keen on pursuing it. “The fourth instalment of the Krrish franchise will take the story of the third part ahead, but it will be set in a completely different world with new characters and exciting twists. Rakesh ji is developing the script and is presently working on the crucial parts of the story. Once he finalizes the script, they will begin work on the casting and other logistics of this massive project. It will also feature some never seen before action sequences,” said the source.

Krrish 4 has been in the reports for quite some time. While there have been many reports doing the rounds about the film, it seems that the recent update has come as a treat to fans. Although, it is yet to be seen if the earlier star cast of Priyanka Chopra and other actors will return. Krrish 3 ended with Priyanka Chopra having a baby whom they name Rohit.

Speaking of Krrish 3, the film featured Priyanka Chopra as Krrish’s wife and it featured Hrithik Roshan aka Krrish having a show-down with Kaal played by Vivek Oberoi. The film also starred Kangana Ranaut as a chameleon, Shaurya Chauhan, among others. It released way back in 2013.


via Bollywood Hungama

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