‘The Anthrax Attacks’ Trailer Teases the Documentary About the Attack on America!! Check It Out!!

2001’s terrifying anthrax letter crisis is about to be explored in depth in Netflix‘s new documentary The Anthrax Attacks. The streamer released a trailer for the upcoming documentary, which chronicles the attacks and the ensuing investigation, which became one of the most convoluted and wide-reaching cases in FBI history. Directed by Emmy nominee Dan Krauss (Extremis), the feature releases on the streamer on September 8.

The trailer serves as a timeline of sorts for the anthrax attacks and how they were perceived. After letters containing anthrax spores were sent to news outlets and to Democratic senators Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy, panic followed as many feared it was a follow-up to the September 11 bombings. Five people were killed and 17 more fell ill in one of the worst biological attacks on the American people in history, prompting an investigation from the FBI and further action from the U.S. government to curb terrorism. The letters themselves indicated the work of a foreign terrorist group, but the discovery of the Ames Strain of anthrax indicated the worst scenario — that someone from within the U.S. was responsible for the attack.

The hunt for the Anthrax Killer became a nightmare. The same government experts that law enforcement relied on for help identifying the substance and tracking who did it were also the top suspects. Blame was thrown around until eventually, authorities landed on Dr. Bruce Ivins with evidence potentially tracing the Anthrax to his lab. To flesh out the documentary, Krauss includes a mix of interviews with people involved in the investigation as well as archival footage and reenactments based on FBI material and emails. Clark Gregg (The Avengers) was tapped to play the late Dr. Ivins. Interviews with surviving victims and family members, meanwhile, will hit on the tragic nature of the attacks and show how many lives were affected.

Throughout his career as a documentarian, Krauss has earned two Emmy nominations for the shorts The Life of Kevin Carter and Extremis respectively. With his last feature though, he departed from documentary filmmaking to direct The Kill Team, a fictionalized adaptation of his award-winning 2013 war documentary of the same name starring Nat Wolff and Alexander Skarsgård. His other recent project was an episode of Netflix’s documentary series Dirty Money.

Krauss wrote and directed the film which is produced by BBC Studios Production. Krauss was joined by Andrew Cohen with Sweta Vohra in executive producing the documentary.

The Anthrax Attacks releases on Netflix on September 8. Check out the trailer below.


via Collider

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