‘Fatal Attraction’: Paramount+’s TV Adaption Adds Doreen Calderon!!

It has been announced that Doreen Calderon has joined the cast of Paramount+‘s upcoming thriller series Fatal Attraction, a new take on the classic 1980s film of the same name. The report of Calderon‘s casting in the series comes from Deadline, which also provided some details about the character that she will be portraying. She will play Maureen Walker the longtime assistant of lead Dan Gallagher, played by Joshua Jackson, who worked for his father before him. Deadline describes Maureen as someone who “knows how he thinks and keeps in perfect stride, but also has enough cred to tease her boss once in a while.”

Fatal Attraction is set to be a reimaging of director Adrian Lyne‘s 1987 thriller that starred Michael Douglas as Dan Gallagher, Anne Archer as his wife Beth Gallagher, and Glenn Close as Alex Forrest. The story will follow Dan Gallagher, a married lawyer who has an affair with a woman named Alex Forrest, played in the remake by Lizzy Caplan. When Dan ends their relationship, she does not take kindly to it and stalks him and his family. The Paramount+ series aims to take the acclaimed film and explore the themes with a more contemporary approach, examining them “through the lens of modern attitudes toward strong women, personality disorders, and coercive control,” as per the streaming service.

Calderon’s most recent credits include appearances in the comedy series Loot at Apple TV+ as well as the series such as Fox’s Call Me Kat, the CW’s Riverdale, and NBC’s This Is Us. Some of her film credits include the 2020 Academy Award-nominated film Please Hold, where she starred opposite Erick Lopez and Daniel Edward Mora as well as 2001’s Final Payback by director Art Camacho. Upcoming new releases include the HBO Max series White House Plumbers and the upcoming film Curse of the Clown Motel with Tobin Bell.

The Fatal Attraction series remake at Paramount+ is written by Alexandra Cunningham, who will also serve as the show’s showrunner. The series will be adapted from a story she co-wrote with Kevin J. Hynes. The duo also serves as executive producers on the project alongside Amblin Television‘s Darryle Frank and Justin Falvey. Along with Jackson, Caplan, and now Calderon, the cast of the upcoming thriller series includes Alyssa Jirrels as Dan’s wife, Ellen Gallagher as well as Amanda Peet, Wanda De Jesus, Alyssa Jirrels, Toby Huss, Reno Wilson, and Brian Goodman.

Fatal Attraction has not yet had a release date announced, though it is set to premiere on Paramount+.


via Collider

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