Dan Lin in Talks to Be the Next Head of DC!!

Warner Brothers Discovery and DC have seen some major changes over the last month as new CEO David Zaslav has started to establish his vision for the company. There have been major film cancellations like Batgirl, delays for films like Shazam 2, and WBD has started teasing fans about their new 10-year-plan for DC. Now it looks like DC and Zaslav finally have found their own version of Kevin Feige. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, producer Dan Lin is in talks to be the next head of DC.

The deal is still being negotiated, but if it does get done, Lin would be reporting directly to Zaslav. This means there would be fewer talking heads with every decision made. The producer would also be taking over for Walter Hamada who will be transitioned out of the role. Hamada’s tenure at DC was a rocky one as he was tasked with cleaning up the mess left by the Justice League 2017. His time at DC was also greatly impacted by the last regime’s decision to go day-and-date on all WB releases during the pandemic. Wonder Woman 1984 and The Suicide Squad were greatly affected by that very questionable move. That being said, Hamada did have his fair share of successes with hits like Joker and The Batman. However, all signs pointed to the current DC head leaving once reports started circulating that Hamada almost left after Batgirl’s cancellation.

The head of DC has been one of the most sought-after jobs in Hollywood over the last number of months. People like Amy Pascal and Greg Berlanti were some of the big names that were reportedly in the running for the job. However, if Lin is going to be the new head at DC, the producer would be a good choice. Besides the fact that Lin started his career working with current WB Advisor Alan Horn as a Junior Executive, his stellar resume speaks for itself. Lin has worked on such modern classics as The Departed and The Two Popes, but he has a lot of experience with major franchises as well. The producer has previously been a part of WB’s Sherlock Holmes, It, and Lego Movie franchises while also being a part of other billion-dollar films like Disney’s Aladdin. Lin has had some experience with DC as well as he was a producer on George Miller’s failed Justice League movie way before the DCEU was a concept.

On top of that, Lin has a lot of TV experience as well. He has executive-produced shows like Lethal Weapon and The CW’s Walker. His company Rideback is currently also in post-production of Netflix’s live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender series. This is key as Lin would oversee both film and television projects for DC.

Zaslav is currently in the middle of a major reset period for DC. Because of that, most of his recent decisions haven’t won him any favors with DC fans or Hollywood insiders alike. However, if Lin is hired, the producer can hopefully be the start of DC’s path back to greatness and a more stable future.

You can also stream most of DC’s amazing library of content on HBO Max now.


via Collider

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