‘Weird: The Al Yankovic Story’: The Daniel Radcliffe led Biopic Gets a New Poster!! Check It Out!!

With the premiere for the film only a couple of weeks away, a new poster for Weird: The Al Yankovic Story has been revealed via Twitter from none other than “Weird Al” Yankovic himself, and showcases a striking image of Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) as the titular comedic singer. In a sense of buildup for the film, the tweet by the popular singer simply reads, “Here we go…”

The poster reveals Radcliffe, following a close likeness to the singer’s unique appearance, on a stage surrounded by a crowd of adoring fans as he plays his iconic accordion. With all the spotlights aimed directly at Radcliffe in the role, the poster’s striking dark purple colors also pop out of the screen upon first glance. On the poster reads the caption, “The world belongs to the weird,” which perfectly sums up what fans are to expect from the upcoming film.

The upcoming film, directed by Eric Appel who also co-writes with Yankovic himself, will center on the career of the famous singer and focuses on his life on and off the stage. Appel previously directed episodes for popular shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Silicon Valley. The film stars Radcliffe as Yankovic alongside Evan Rachel Wood (Westworld) as Madonna. Rainn Wilson (The Office) will appear in the film as Dr. Demento with Toby Huss (King of the Hill) and Julianne Nicholson (I, Tonya) as Nick and Mary Yankovic respectively. Quinta Brunson (Abbott Elementary) and Spencer Treat Clark (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) also star in the film as Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jay.

Yankovic‘s music career has spanned several decades, and he is well remembered by many fans for his hilarious parodies of popular songs such as the “Eat It” music video which satirizes Michael Jackson’s “Beat It,” and “Like a Surgeon,” which parodies “Like a Virgin” by Madonna. With a biographical film co-written by the singer himself, Weird: The Al Yankovic Story could serve as an interesting insight into Yankovic‘s life for audiences when it eventually debuts later this year.

The upcoming biographical film is set to debut at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival on September 8. After its premiere, fans will be able to stream the film through the Roku channel for free on November 4. Check out the official teaser trailer and the brand-new poster for Weird: The Al Yankovic Story below:

weird the al yankovic story
Image via Roku Channel


via Collider

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