‘Pearl’: New Clip Sees Mia Goth Dancing Away!! Check It Out!!

2022 has been an amazing year for horror so far. The genre has seen great new films in many classic franchises, but there have been a handful of original films that have terrorized audiences as well. At the top of that list was the A24 slasher X directed by Ti West. To many horror fans’ delight, that film is getting a prequel in the form of Pearl next month. Now this X-traordinary origin story has released a new clip that will make fans dance with horrific glee.

The new short clip sees Pearl, played once again by Mia Goth, on an audition dancing the night away. She looks quite happy as she’s pursuing her dream of becoming a star. However, this new scene of Pearl dancing is intercut with her older self slowly dancing after killing RJ in X. That blood-soaked scene was one of the most disturbing kills in X. Pearl dancing after the fact added so much creepy intrigue to her tragic character and this new scene exemplifies even more scary context to that already memorable moment.

When X came out this past March, it was one of the most refreshing and thought-provoking slashers the sub-genre had ever seen. Even though the trailers were more focused on the adult film aspect and Texas Chain Saw vibes to the story, the film was much more than that. It was this fascinating exploration about how society chooses to consume entertainment and effectively compares how horror films are produced to the way adult films are made. However, at the same time, it was a somber tale about the tragedy of growing older and resenting the youth for them not understanding what they have. That flawed jealousy fueled X and added to the film’s unique approach to its chilling carnage.

At the center of X’s success was Goth’s brilliant performance. Her dual role as both Pearl and Maxine was just devastatingly terrifying. Goth’s performance in X has been considered by some as Oscar-worthy. Watching Pearl’s descent into madness in the film was all things shocking and gleefully deranged, but the parallels between her and Maxine were the stuff of nightmares, which is why the announcement that West filmed a secret prequel about Pearl was so compelling and exciting.

From the trailer, Pearl looks to take the satisfying madness of X and fully embrace this now iconic character’s insanity. The 1918 setting, as well as the fresh colorful palette, ensure that this film will not just be a retread of X. It’s going to be very fun seeing Pearl’s maddening quest for stardom and doing whatever it takes to be famous.

Pearl is killing her way back to theaters on September 16. Just in time for her to take over the costume scene this Halloween. While we wait to see this movie star’s return to the silver screen, you can watch the new clip for Pearl down below.

via Collider

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