‘Nope’: Jordan Peele Hints At the Possibility of a Sequel!!

All summer fans eyes have been on the skies, whether on Top Gun: Maverick‘s elite graduates or searching for signs of filmmaker Jordan Peele‘s elusive UFO in his third blockbuster hit Nope. While both have been summer successes, it’s the latter that’s kept fans puzzling over the minutia of each scene, from the mysteriously upright shoe to the very brief screen time of a motorcyclist. In an interview with The New York Times, Peele seemed hesitant to be too forthcoming with information, though he did tease a possibility of more from O.J. (Daniel Kaluuya) and Emerald’s (Keke Palmer) universe when questioned about a detail fans discovered.

As with his previous two films, Oscar-winning Get Out and Us, Peele‘s marketing in the months leading up to the film’s theatrical release kept fans guessing. With every new teaser and trailer it felt like more of the story was being revealed as layers were peeled back. Then, when at long-last we got to see the horrific events unfolding on those IMAX screens, fans left with sense of awe, but also a desire to understand more. Since its opening weekend, Nope has beamed in over a whopping $148 million across the globe as we, the spectators, return just one more time to fully absorb the immensity of Peele‘s storytelling.

During his interview, Peele was open about the usual questions, explaining his decision to use IMAX cameras and the ideas that sparked his third feature film. It was when the gravity-defying shoe was brought up that the director started to pull back. “But I can say, from a character-driven standpoint, the scene is about a moment in which a dissociative psychological switch gets flipped for the character,” Peele disclosed, though he politely declined to say more. In a movie about an enormous UFO stalking the residents of a sleepy gulch in California, it was a single bizarre, upright shoe that caused audiences’ hairs to raise. During a particularly disturbing massacre on the set of family-friendly sitcom Gordy’s Home!, a young Ricky ‘Jupe’ Park (Steven Yeun) sees his co-star’s shoe, having been lost at some point during the chaos, pointing up to the sky.

On the subject of the Gordy the Chimp’s attack, Peele was asked about a character fans discovered listed as “Nobody” on IMDB. The character is credited to Michael Busch, a comedian whose had a number of small parts in shows and commercials, but who doesn’t appear in the final cut of the film. Busch was briefly seen in one of Nope‘s trailers, hands in his pockets with a serene smile on his face as he calmly walked across what appeared to be a movie lot. The kicker is that everyone is tripping over themselves to run in the opposite direction, running from what fans can only assume is the on-set slaughter.

When prompted about this perplexing character, Peele acknowledged the sleuthing fans were doing and said:

“The story of that character has yet to be told, I can tell you that. Which is another frustrating way of saying, I’m glad people are paying attention. I do think they will get more answers on some of these things in the future. We’re not over telling all of these stories.”

While the two parallel storylines are connected by Ricky’s inability to move past his childhood trauma, Gordy’s Home! is ultimately overshadowed by the Haywood’s journey to capturing their perfect shot. With the exclusion of Nobody in the actual film, but the unsettling glimpse of him in the trailer, Peele‘s purposely-vague answer seems to indicate there could be a follow-up movie. There’s no doubt the fans would be thrilled to get a Nope prequel, but only time will tell.

Nope is still currently playing in theaters, and is available to rent on VOD across all major streaming services.


via Collider

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